ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 02: Head coach Bill Curry of the Georgia State Panthers rushes out onto the field with his team to face the Shorter Hawks in their inaugural game at Georgia Dome on September 2 2010 in Atlanta Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: 63-7 Bama

The youngest team in college football takes on the best program of all time. No big deal.

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Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Halftime Score: 42-7 Tide, Panthers Outscore Florida

The Georgia St. Panthers have earned their first SEC touchdown. An as-yet unidentified Panther, because we don’t have programs or smartphones or anything, ran back a kickoff up the right sideline. He then took a vict’ry lap around half of Tuscaloosa as his entire blocking unit trailed, its gravity collecting more celebrants.

The Tide have scored on like every possession save two missed field goal attempts, ran in a blocked punt, and returned a pick for a score. Our pregame wager on the turnover margin is getting heated: I thought the Cats could keep it to -4, but it’s -3 at halftime. But with seven points they've have scored one more point in this stadium than the Florida Gators managed a month ago, and with half (?) of these Panthers fans also being Georgia Bulldogs fans, everybody's happy.

Panther moods remain sky-high. These people will chant for absolutely anything, and Tide fans are getting all are-you-sure-Bear-done-it-that-way about a losing section having way too much fun.


Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Score Update: 7-0 Tide, Greg McElroy To Julio Jones

The Alabama Crimson Tide have begun their dark work against the Georgia St. Panthers, taking the opening drive for 67 yards on eight plays and posting the first-ever SEC touchdown on the Jungle Cats. Tonight’s diet appears composed of Mark Ingram Wildelephant keepers and screens to WR Julio Jones. The scoring play was indeed another short pass from QB Greg McElroy to Jones, who is very tall.

The Panthers woke up Tuscaloosa on their first offensive snap, with a receiver breaking into Bama territory before getting SEC speed’d. A series of penalties pushed GSU North back from whence they came, with QB Drew Little throwing a pick to a defensive back we've identified as Donta Hightower -- though we could be wrong and/or look it up but nobody around us has cellphone power to spare and I'm running perilously low myself -- put a stop to all that.

Our Panthers-heavy section is already sick of Bryant-Denny’s ROLL TIDE first down chant, but spirits remain high. Lots of DEE FENSE and YOU CAIN’T SEE ME and ATL SHAWTY from the Blue and White faithful.


Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide: The Newest And The Best

Georgia St. Panthers head coach Bill Curry returns to the scene of the bricking tonight, leading his first-year program to face the No. 11 Alabama Crimson Tide. Curry put together three straight winning seasons in his short time as coach of the Tide in the late '80s, but isn't exactly remembered all that fondly in Tuscaloosa.

The 6-4 Panthers have outperformed anyone's expectations in their first season, nearly knocking off the Mississippi Rebels-killing Jacksonville St. Gamecocks in overtime and boasting weekly attendance comfortably in four digits. Their success partially inspired the Kennesaw St. Owls decision to start up a football program as well.

A year after winning the national title, Bama has lost to the LSU Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks, the best two losses of any team in the nation. They're in the top half of the SEC in just about every statistical category despite getting a suspicious run of teams coming off bye weeks, and they're fourth in the nation in scoring defense. Our traveling party has listed two goals for the Panthers tonight: kick a field goal and gain 100 yards. Not sure if we're hoping for a successful field goal or not. We'll see how that goes. Mainly pumped about Dreamland BBQ.

TV time: 7:30 EST on ESPNU. Join Roll Bama Roll for more. Scoring updates and more during the game right here.

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