Pape Sy Signing Finalizes Atlanta Hawks Training Camp Roster

Sy was drafted with the 53rd overall pick in the June's NBA Draft.

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Hawks Roster Set For Training Camp With Pape Sy Signing

The Atlanta Hawks now have 14 players on the roster with the recent signing of Sy, and despite most teams willingness to bring 17 or 18 players to training camp, the Hawks seem set.

“Our team is set for training camp,” Hawks GM Rick Sund told the Atlanta Journal-Constituion. “We are a veteran team. And with the young guys Teague, [Jordan] Crawford and Pape, our focus is on getting more reps for them.”

Interesting decision that probably has to do with money more than anything else. Hopefully there aren’t any injuries.


Hawks Officially Sign Second-Round Pick Pape Sy

The Atlanta Hawks officially announced the signing of second-round draft choice Pape Sy today. Sy, the 53rd pick in this year’s NBA Draft, is now set to join the Hawks for training camp at the end of the month.

My colleague Bronn Tallant pointed out in this StoryStream last week that the Hawks reached a buyout agreement with Sy’s French club, Le Havre, so this news should come as no surprise.

The Hawks’ official release touts Sy’s size (the Hawks list him at 6-foot-7), versatility, and performance in pre-draft workouts. It also quotes assistant GM Dave Pendergraft as terming Sy “an interesting prospect.” Still, he only averaged 5.2 points per game in three years with Le Havre, so it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be an immediate contributor in the NBA.


Sy Apparently Reaches Buyout Agreement

I’m just going to toss this one over to Hoopinion, who is really doing all the work on this one. It’s the official team site of STB Le Havre, so it should be considered reputable.

What this teams for Sy and the Hawks is unclear on many levels. Sy was utilized as a back-up point guard in Summer League, despite the Hawks’ disclosure that they thought of him as more of a small forward where he would be more useful for the Hawks. Additionally, the Hawks have just signed Etan Thomas, and given their penny pinching ways, it would be unusual to see them carry more than the 13 man roster minimum. However, they’ve also shown a reluctance to utilize their D-League affiliate to develop their draft picks.

With Sy having officially cut ties with his former club, the path is clear for him to join the Hawks for training camp. It will be interesting to see what decision they reach in regards to Sy.


Peachtree Hoops Reacts To The Moves

Under the scathing title “Atlanta Hawks Choose Cash Over Winning.”

To sum it up, the Hawks traded down, and got some cash. Why trade down and help a team if you are not going to even use the extra pick you got to trade down to help your roster?

My sentiments exactly. More on this tomorrow, hoping clearer heads will find more to say about this.


Hawks Draft Xavier Guard Jordan Crawford And Senegali Small Forward Pape Sy

You may remember Jordan Crawford as the guy who dunked on LeBron to Nike’s displeasure. He’s just joined a roster stocked with another J. Crawford, plus a Josh Smith, Joe Smith, and Joe Johnson (for the moment).

Far more disturbing than the promise of seeing JO. and JA. CRAWFORD name plates is the sale of the Hawks’ freshly acquired 31st pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for cash money.

Details are very sketchy on second-round pick Pape Sy. The first two Google results for his name disagree on his height by four entire inches. That’s never a good sign. Peachtree Hoops is on the case.

Also, Georgia Tech forward Gani Lawal was selected by the Phoenix Suns with the 46th pick. The pick went off without a hitch, as Lawal’s vitals are easily accessible via search engine and the Arizona economy seems able to absorb the financial burden of actually drafting a second-round NBA player.


Nets Will Take Georgia Tech's Favors With Third Overall Pick

From ESPN this morning:

Barring a last-minute change in thinking, the New Jersey Nets will select Georgia Tech freshman Derrick Favors over Syracuse’s Wesley Johnson with the No. 3 pick, was told Thursday morning.

According to a source with knowledge of the selection, the Nets made the decision because they are not guaranteed to get a power forward like Utah’s Carlos Boozer, Toronto’s Chris Bosh or Phoenix’s Amare Stoudemire in free agency.

The source said that Favors is also the most tradeable asset available to the Nets for a possible deal — more so than Johnson. The source said the Nets might make a deal Thursday night after selecting Favors or wait to see if one comes in July during the free-agency period. The source said if the Nets make a deal they would have to include the pick of Favors.

Good recognition for Favors and Tech, too bad the Jackets couldn’t harness that talent into more success on the court this past year.

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