New UGA AD Greg McGarity 'On The Job, Two Days Early'

Greg McGarity officially takes over as Georgia's athletic director.

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New UGA AD Greg McGarity 'On The Job, Two Days Early'

Anyone who happens to be concerned about new Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity’s punctuality: your fears are without cause.

Greg McGarity is on the job as Georgia’s AD today, two days early.less than a minute ago via web

McGarity has elected to sacrifice the one week of reasonable weather in this whole goshforsaken man’s armpit of a scorching Georgia summer. Don’t take that for granted, Bulldog Nation. Of course, McGarity does have a sizable stack of papers in his To Review tray, by which we mean 120-something football players to keep from getting arrested anymore ever.

McGarity expressed concern about the eight UGA football arrests this year. “I want to learn exactly: Why is this happening?”less than a minute ago via web

Dawg Sports is your Greg McGarity discussion mainline. Also, Dawg Sports has air conditioning.


UGA To Name Florida's Greg McGarity Next Athletic Director

The search for a successor to former Georgia athletic director Damon Evans has seemingly come to a close.

Channel 2 Sports in Atlanta has confirmed through school sources that Greg McGarity will be the new athletics director at the University of Georgia.

McGarity is the Executive Senior Associate Athletics Director at the University of Florida, and according to the schools website is responsible for the swimming & diving and women’s tennis programs, event operations, facilities, as well as assisting the Athletics Director in supervision of football and men’s basketball programs.

Channel 2’s Zach Klein also had the following to add on Twitter.

Source says the “Bulldogs want to get an established, experienced individual who could help UGA now. The move also hurts the Gators”


UGA President Michael Adams Appoints Frank Crumley As Interim AD

From today’s ongoing press conference by UGA President Michael Adams, Frank Crumley has been named the interim athletic director. A search committee to find a new AD will be led by Dr. David Shipley.


WSB: Damon Evans Settlement Offer '3 Months Pay Plus $100K,' Office Empty By 7/6


That might sound like a lot to of money for a university to hand to a punchline, but (A) it's pocket change compared to UGA's athletic budget, (B) it's likely in Evans' contract somewhere, (C) Dawg fans would probably accept any price necessary to get rid of Evans ASAP, and (D) he'll need a little something to tide him over until Lane Kiffin brings him on as all-time wingman.

Dawg Sports is already moving forward, monitoring the likely candidates to replace Damon "Seven Minutes in Heaven" Evans.


WSB: Michael Adams Asks For, And Receives, Damon Evans' Resignation


From Zach Klein's Twitter.

Perhaps one of the five most unbelievable things about the entire Evans legend: Adams had to ask for Evans' resignation. You almost picture Evans being surprised to learn of Adams' request, like, "Oh, well I guess I could resign, but do you mind giving me one good reason why I should?"

Meanwhile, some Dawg fans are already agreeing on a replacement.


Text Of Damon Evans Police Report: Red Panties And 'I'm Not Trying To Bribe You, But...'

The AJC has published the Damon Evans police report, and, um, it’s, well I just, how do you, ok we, WOW.

Here’s the meat of it, transcribed by Google Docs (emphasis mine):

On 6/30/10, at approximately 2354 hours, l was patrolling south on Roswell Road near Lakemoore Drive in Fulton County. I observed a black BMW 750| bearing GA tag 1, traveling north on Roswell Road that failed to maintain its lane by drifting across the white dotted line with its driver side tires. I turned around on the vehicle and the driver drifted back across the white dotted line approximately two feet across the line with the passenger side tires. The driver moved into the left turn lane as if he was going to enter an apartment complex, but drove back into the left lane of Roswell Road. When the light turned green, the driver continued north on Roswell Road at a low speed and drifted onto the yellow center line with his driver side tires.

I initiated a traffic stop and the driver stopped in the left lane of traffic on Roswell Road, instead of pulling into the left turn lane to make hls turn. After pulling into the parking space, I asked the subjeçt for his license. The subject fumbled through his cards and dropped some of the items before giving me his license. I also noticed that the subject had a red pair of lady’s panties between his legs. While talking to the subject, I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his vehicle and breath. The subject had red, bloodshot, watery eyes and droopy eyelids. I asked the subject how much he had to drink and he stated, " a couple of drinks." The subject admitted to drinking two Vodka-Martinis at a restaurant and also drinking a Martini at the Beluga Martini Bar.

I asked the subject to step out of his vehicle and, while talking to the subject outside of his vehicle, I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. I asked the subject if he was taking any medications and he stated, “no.” The subject stated, “l feel pretty good,” smiled and laughed for no apparent reason.

I started checking HGN and the passenger, Courtney Nay Fuhrmann, got out and started walking towards the back of the vehicle. I asked Courtney to have a seat back in the vehicle and so did Mr. Evans. I attempted to continue performing HGN and the passenger got out of the vehicle again. Itold the passenger several times not to get out of the vehicle again. I checked HGN with 6 clues. While giving the instruction for the walk and turn test, the passenger began yelling out the driver side window. The passenger was being very loud and obnoxious and was obviously intoxicated. After I demonstrated the walking portion of the walk and tum test, Ms. Fuhrmann got out of the vehicle again. I told Ms. Fuhrmann to get back into the vehicle and if she got out again, l would place her under arrest. I could smell a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath. While dealing with Ms. Fuhrmann, Mr. Evans walked up towards us and I had to instruct him to step back. Mr. Evans stated that she was only trying to protect him. After finishing the walk and turn test, the passenger exited her vehicle and again started to the rear of the vehicle.

I placed the subject under arrest, handcuffed her and put her in my patrol car. After arresting the passenger Mr. Evans stated, “I have a young lady and she is intoxicated and I am just trying to get her home.” He also said, “l apologize and don’t want to use my influence but she is trying to protect me.” The passenger continued to be combative in the back seat of my patrol car. See DUI sheet for other field sobriety tests. The subject refused to submit to a preliminary breath test. He stated that he didn’t want to blow.

I placed Mr. Evans under arrest for DUI and he pulled away from me and kept trying to turn around. I had to tell him several times to stop turning around. I handcuffed him and read Implied Consent Noticelsuspect Age 21 or over from the orange card with a request for his breath. The subject refused by saying, “no.” The subject voluntarily started talking about his situation. The subject stated, “I am not trying to bribe you, but I am the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia.” The subject admitted again that he’d been drinking and started cnying. The subject stated. “I didn’t think I was drunk.”

I told the subject that he was too impaired to drive and he agreed saying, “maybe so.” I asked the subject what her panties were doing in his side of the seat and he stated, “she took them off and I held them because I was just trying to get her home.” The subject stated that he understood what was going on and stated, “l don’t want to use who I am; but l would just ask that you take me to a Motel.” The subject stated that he messed up and asked if I would take him to a Motel. The subject also stated, “we go through life and we all drink and jump in a car.” He stated, “I felt that I was good, but maybe not.” He also Stated, “But I am not trying to bribe you, but is there anything you can do without arresting me.” Mr. Evans stated that Ms. Fuhrmann was a friend of his but there was nothing there because he had a wife and family. The subject again asked would let him go to a Motel and stated, “I will agree with you by saying this, drinking and driving is never good.”

While transporting the subject to City of Atlanta Jail, Ms. Fuhrmann mias talking to Mr. Evans and stated that she was mad because he was going to get off and she was not. Mr. Evans asked me if there was anything that he could do to get a warning and I told him I don’t issue warnings for DUI. Just before pulling up at the jail, Mr. Evans asked me again if it was too late and what could he do. After arriving at the jail, I took Ms. Fuhrmann into the sally port first. I asked Ms. Fuhrmann how long they had been seeing each other and she stated, “onIy a couple weeks or so.” While standing in the sally port of the jail, Ms. Fuhrmann stated, “that l promise you one thing, he will get off.” She also stated, “Just to let you know, it will be erased because he is the Athletic Director of UGA and he has that power.”

I released the subject to jail personnel. I returned to my patrol car and printed Mr. Evans’ paper work and he again stated he would not take the state test. The subject began crying uncontrollable before I took him into the jail. The subject was released to jail personnel.

Elsewhere the officer describes Evans as crying, talkative, and swaying, with slow, mumbled speech. He allegedly needed to use his car for balance and didn’t ace the field sobriety tests.

Until this mountainous shoe dropped and left a crater filled with a volcano full of tornadoes belching out red panties onto storied Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, some portions of the local sports community were still able to imagine a future in which Evans remained as UGA’s AD. That’s long gone now. The university could perhaps forgive one drunk driving incident. The Tiger Woodsy details are guaranteed to alter the attire of rival fanbases on gamedays, but the school could possibly find a reason to forgive that as well. It cannot let its athletic director get away with using the school’s good name, repeatedly, in an attempt to avoid drunk driving charges.

As a Tech fan, I’ve retired from laughing at Evans jokes for the time being. Too much. Wow.


Damon Evans Addresses Media: 'I Let The Bulldog Nation Down'


I’m very ashamed and embarrassed by my actions," Evans said. "I let so many people down. I let my family down and I let the Bulldog Nation down and so many that believed in me and that supported me along the way. My actions were not indicative of what we teach our student-athletes at the University of Georgia. Our goal is to represent our institution in a positive way and I failed miserably.

All I can do is move ahead and learn from my mistakes. I need to size up who I am as an individual and right now I have some shortcomings. I owe it to all of our fans, to Dr. (Michael) Adams and to all of those who stood by me through this very difficult time. I understand the predicament that I put Dr. Adams in. We need to do what is in the best interest of our institution. I feel like my actions have put a black cloud over this storied program, one that I never thought I would bring. I have to get back on track, set an example and be the leader that I talk about being.

UGA president Michael Adams also released a statement:

Damon Evans informed me early (Thursday) morning of his arrest and provided me an account of the events of (Wednesday) night," Adams said. "Drinking and driving is a serious matter, and I was extremely disappointed to hear of the arrest. Certainly this is not an example of the kind of leadership that I expect our senior administrators to set. I have high regard for Damon personally. I care deeply about him and his family and know him to be a man of integrity. He has sincerely apologized to me for the embarrassment this has brought upon the university. I was notified of this matter while away on vacation and will reserve further action pending a full review by staff and legal counsel.

Evans has not offered to resign. As of right now, 55 percent of Dawg Sports poll respondents want Evans to resign or be fired.

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