2011 Atlanta Braves Spring Training Schedule: Baseball Soon Begins At Lake Buena Vista

The light is slowly emerging at the end of the tunnel. As mid-February rolls around, it is time to start getting into gear for Atlanta Braves Spring Training. As any baseball fan would know, spring camp is a completely different season from the one that begins March 31 in Washington. It is long in itself, but a daily focus is required just like during the regular season.

Position battles are determined, fringe players make their cases for roster spots and prospects get a taste of big league opposition. It is not a time to get in shape, but rather it is a time to reach peak season shape in order to prove to the coaches and front office that the player deserves a spot. Some teams on the lower end use Spring Training to bring in as many players as possible and make a roster out of it. Competing teams use it to get their players finely tuned for the season.

The Braves fall under the latter. They are entering 2011 with expectations equal to or higher than last season, and their roster is pretty much set. I will dig much, much deeper into the roster throughout the upcoming weeks, giving a series of posts on different roster possibilities, basic profiles and projections, and storylines for spring. When the Braves begin their spring games, I will provide recaps. Consider this your go-to resource for all things Braves Spring Training.


Grapefruit League Schedule:


Cactus League Schedule:


Atlanta Braves Schedule:

Pitchers and Catchers: Feb. 14

First Workout: Feb. 15

Position Players: Feb. 18

First Full Workout: Feb. 19

2/26: at Mets, 1:10

2/27: vs. Mets (SS), 1:05

2/28: vs. Astros, 1:05

3/1: at Astros, 1:05

3/2: at Red Sox, 1:05

3/3: vs. Tigers, 1:05

3/4: at Nationals (SS), 1:05 … vs. Blue Jays (SS), 1:05

3/5: vs. Mets, 1:05

3/6: at Nationals, 1:05

3/7: at Marlins, 1:05

3/8: vs. Yankees, 1:05

3/9: vs. Cardinals, 1:05

3/10: vs. Cardinals, 1:05

3/11: at Yankees (SS), 1:05

3/12: vs. Mets, 1:05

3/13: vs. Astros (SS), 1:05

3/14: at Cardinals, 1:05

3/15: at Cardinals, 1:05

3/16: vs. Red Sox, 1:05

3/17: vs. Nationals, 6:05 on CSS

3/18: at Mets, 1:10

3/19: at Tigers (SS), 1:05 … vs. Mets (SS), 1:05

3/20: vs. Astros (SS), 1:05 on CSS

3/21: at Mets, 1:10

3/23: vs. Marlins, 1:05

3/24: at Blue Jays, 1:05

3/25: at Phillies (SS), 1:05 … vs. Tigers (SS), 6:05

3/26: at Mets, 1:10 on CSS

3/27: vs. Phillies, 1:05 on FSS

3/28: vs. Nationals, 6:05 on FSS

3/29: vs. Twins, 7:05 on SportSouth (Turner Field)

3/30: vs. Twins, 12:05 on SportSouth (Turner Field)


Opening Day:

3/31: at Nationals, 1:05

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