Pat Burrell A Candidate For Atlanta Braves Outfield, Says Ken Rosenthal

Pat Burrell is available, and Ken Rosenthal thinks he may be a target for the Baves

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MLB Trade Rumors Predicts Pat Burrell To Braves

Earlier this morning, the well-respected baseball transaction website asked its writers which top free agents would end up with which team. They polled five writers about the top-50 free agents. Pat Burrell, who came in at No. 36 between Jaoquin Benoit and Hisanori Takahashi, was projected by three writers to land with the Braves.

As mentioned earlier in this stream, it seems to make a ton of sense. Peter Hjort of the Capitol Avenue Club also mentions Burrell as a likely candidate for left field, going as far to say he would "wager there's a very good chance he's the team's opening day left fielder..."

Other than Burrell, the polled writers select a number of relievers to end up in Atlanta. Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood, and Kevin Gregg are all attached to the Braves, with Gregg being the only player with more than one vote. Fran Wren has mentioned a veteran reliever being a target this winter, so Wood and Gregg are plausible. Fuentes, I do not see coming to Atlanta. The Braves have some solid relievers on the left side of the mound in Jonny Venters, Eric O'Flaherty, and Michael Dunn. The elder Fuentes, while experienced, does not provide anything the Braves do not already have.

The Braves will most likely be rather quiet in the free agent market. Burrell or Magglio Ordonez will be looked at as their main targets for left field, one would assume, with the possibility for a big trade always looming. 


Ken Rosenthal Names Pat Burrell A Candidate For Braves Outfield

Pat Burrell had a resurgence in the National League with the San Francisco Giants this year. He is a huge reason they made the playoffs, and despite a poor performance in the World Series, was a valuable member of their team for the majority of the season. 

Earlier this year, I stated that the Braves should have signed him after his release from Tampa Bay. The Braves opted to not take the risk, and Burrell wound up being on the team that ended their season. This winter, with few powerful options available on the free agent market, Pat Burrell indeed makes a lot of sense.

Ken Rosenthal reported earlier today that Burrell could be an option for the Braves. While his defense is notably poor, his right-handed power and plate discipline make him a great candidate for close to every day play in the Braves outfield. Jason Heyward has right field supplanted, but the other two spots are up for grabs. With Nate McLouth's future performance being an uncertainty, signing Burrell to a short contract would be wise.

There are problems with the Braves defensively, more so then offensively when you look deeper into the numbers, but a right-handed power threat is something the Braves have been targeting for a few seasons now. Pat Burrell is no Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford, but his ability to hit balls over the fence and walk fits into what this team needs.

We will keep you updated on this stream if anything else links the Braves and Burrell.

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