Luis Salazar Back At Braves Camp After Eye Surgery

Atlanta Braves minor league manager Luis Salazar suffered a foul ball to the face during Wednesday's spring training game, regaining consciousness after 15 scary minutes.

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Luis Salazar Returns To Braves Camp For First Time Since Incident

Luis Salazar returned to Atlanta Braves Spring Training in Lake Buena Vista today for the first time since the incident that eventually took his left eye two weeks ago.

Salazar arrived to camp upbeat and looking to the future. He said he expects to resume managing duties for A+ Lynchburg in April. He spent the past week at his home in Boca Raton, Fla., recovering from his multiple surgeries.

Salazar underwent two surgeries for facial fractures, followed by two eye surgeries, the second taking his left eye. This was caused by a line drive off the bat of Brian McCann that struck Salazar in the face, knocking him from the top step of the dugout to the ground below. He was unconscience around 20 minutes while medical personnel worked on providing oxygen. He was driven by ambulance off the field and eventually airlifted to the hospital in Orlando.

McCann took the incident pretty hard, as one would expect. He visited Salazar and his family several times after the injury, and the two spoke for three hours.

"Brian McCann is a very sensitive kid and he was worried about my health," Salazar said. "We talked for about three hours. I told him what happened could happen to anybody. I told him move on and forget the incident."

It's good to see Salazar in camp and upbeat about his future in the Braves organization.


Luis Salazar Loses Left Eye In Surgery, Plans To Continue Managing Braves Minor League Team

According to David O'Brien, doctors were unable to save Luis Salazar's left eye.

In his third surgery since being hit by a foul ball off the bat of Brian McCann, Salazar's left eye was removed Tuesday. This is awful news because they were not able to save his eye, but as Frank Wren said, in the big picture, it is great news that Salazar is even alive.

Salazar was drilled on the left side of his face by a line drive from McCann during the first inning of a spring game last Wednesday against the Cardinals. Salazar, who was standing on the top steps of the dugout, was immediately knocked out and hit the dugout ground face-first. He laid unresponsive for up to 20 minutes while personnel worked on giving him oxygen. He was airlifted to the hospital in Orlando, where he has been since.

Salazar is expected to return home to Boca Raton for one week and be reevaluated in Orlando. He could return to camp after that. The best news is doctors said he could return to managing in 4-6 weeks. The Braves plan to let him continue managing A+ Lynchburg.


Luis Salazar Progressing Well In Hospital; More Surgery To Come

Good news from Mark Bowman today: Luis Salazar is progressing well and is already talking about returning to work.

John Schuerholz visited Salazar this morning, and Frank Wren reported that he is doing better, is with his family and is eager to return to work.

Salazar had surgery on his facial fractures Wednesday, followed by surgery that focused on his left eye Thursday. More surgery will be done on his eye this weekend, and doctors are not ready to report on the extent of the damage until after that procedure.

The line drive that hit Salazar came off the bat of Brian McCann, who is returning to the lineup today after taking himself out of the lineup Wednesday following the hit and not playing at all Thursday. McCann was pretty shaken up by the situation, and he spent a good amount of time with Salazar and his family.

Perhaps the best news from Bowman is the following, when talking about whether he can return to regular duties as manager of A+ Lynchburg:

Wren and his staff are just encouraged that doctors have told them that they don't see why he couldn't handle the role once he gets healthy.


Luis Salazar Has Surgery Following Line Drive To The Face

Luis Salazar underwent surgery Wednesday night and was scheduled to have more today. According to Braves spokesman Brad Hainje, it may be another day or two before everything is known about Salazar's condition and exactly what they had to do.

Salazar was hit in the face by a fouled line drive off the bat of Brian McCann in Wednesday's Spring Training game against the Cardinals. He was immediately knocked out from the hit and landed face first on the dugout ground. The situation was so serious many at the game thought he had died, including Chipper Jones, who was standing at first base at the time, and Albert Pujols, who didn't want to even look at what was going on.

Salazar suffered multiple facial fractures, and he is still undergoing tests for damage to his left eye. It was already announced that he has no brain damage.

McCann left the game immediately after the at bat and went to the hospital to be with Salazar and his family. Salazar's son was at the game, and his wife was at the hotel. McCann was pretty shaken up by the situation and appears to still be. He plans to return to the lineup Friday.


Luis Salazar Responsive And Breathing On His Own At Hospital

Luis Salazar, hit in the face with a lined foul ball off the bat of Brian McCann in the first inning of today's game, is reportedly doing better, according to Mark Bowman.

Salazar is now responsive and breathing on his own. He has multiple facial fractures and an eye surgeon is looking at his left eye. Brain damage has been ruled out, according to David O'Brien. His son, Carlos, was at the game and his family is with him at the hospital.

The situation was extremely grave for a while, as Salazar was having difficulty breathing and was unresponsive for up to 20 minutes. He was out as soon as the ball hit him, and he landed face first on the dugout ground. McCann was shaken up following the situation, and he left the game immediately after his at bat.

Chipper Jones provides quotes that sum up how serious the situation was, courtesy of O'Brien.

Certainly, a ball hit that hard, at that short a distance, can certainly kill somebody if it hits them in the right spot. I’m so glad to hear that he’s conscious and breathing on his own. But, yeah, there were some times where there were some worried looks on the some paramedics’ faces.

I looked at his chest to see if he was breathing, and right when I thought to look at this chest to see if he was breathing, one of the paramedics said, ‘Is he breathing?’ And he put his hand on his chest and said he was breathing really, really shallow. At that point you’re like, his life could be in danger.

Thoughts and prayers go out to Salazar and his family.


PHOTOS: Luis Salazar Loaded Into Ambulance After Brian McCann Foul Ball Injury

Atlanta Braves minor league manager Luis Salazar was struck in the face by a Brian McCann foul ball during Wednesday's Braves-Cardinals spring training game. Members of SB Nation's Talking Chop community were in attendance and able to get photos of Salazar being loaded into the ambulance that would take him to a medical airlift and of where he was standing before the incident.

The manager, who was assisting the MLB team as a spring training coach, regained consciousness while being taken to a nearby hospital. He was unresponsive for as many as 15 minutes after being hit in the face, with many onlookers fearing the worst.

First, Braves players gathered in silence as Salazar is lifted into the ambulance:


Via Talking Chop

And a photo from earlier in the game, when Salazer (red arrow) had been standing near the dugout among other coaches. You can see how close he was to the plate and imagine how little time he would've had to get out of the day:


Via Talking Chop


Luis Salazar Struck In Face By Brian McCann Hit, Regains Consciousness On Hospital Airlift

Luis Salazar, Atlanta Braves high class-A manager, was injured after being hit in the face by a hard foul ball off the bat of Brian McCann in Wednesday's Grapefruit League game against the St. Louis Cardinals. He remained unconscious on the ground for at least 14 minutes according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's David O'Brien, eventually being taken to an ambulance via stretcher, and then to a local hospital via helicopter.

A shaken McCann left the game after the injury, with several other Braves and Cardinals players clearly upset. Multiple onlookers, including Albert Pujols, were under the impression that Salazar had died.

He eventually regained consciousness and became able to breathe on his own.

Salazar played 1,302 games in his MLB career, becoming a hitting coach with various shortly after retiring as a player, including a stint as the Milwaukee Brewers hitting coach. This is his first season with the Braves organization.

For more on Salazar and the Braves, visit Talking Chop.

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