Chipper Jones Retirement: Braves Star Honored By Astros During Final Trip To Houston

An Atlanta Braves icon, Chipper Jones is set to formally retire following the 2012 season, after 18 years in Major League Baseball.

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Chipper Jones Honored By The Astros Prior To Monday's Game

The Houston Astros presented Chipper Jones with a Stetson cowboy hat prior to Monday's series opener.


VIDEO: Chipper Jones' Retirement Press Conference Held At Spring Training

Long-time Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones announced his retirement in a press conference on Thursday, and thanks to the fellas at Talking Chop, SB Nation's Atlanta Braves blog, we have video. Enjoy.

Skip ahead to the 1:15 mark to get to the best part of the video.

In 18 years with the Braves, Jones has a 2,615 hits, 1,561 runs, 454 home runs and a .304 lifetime batting average. He was the National League batting champion in 2008, was the NL MVP in 1999, was a two time Silver Slugger Award Winner, was a seven-time All Star and helped the Braves win the World Series in 1995, the same year he was named the Sporting Goods Rookie of the Year. He looks to have all the makings of a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

For more on the Braves, head to Talking Chop, and for more on Chipper Jones' retirement, follow SB Nation Atlanta's StoryStream.

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Chipper Jones Is Undoubtedly A First Ballot Hall Of Famer

There are few players in baseball history who have achieved what Chipper Jones has achieved over the years with the Atlanta Braves. Not only do his career numbers speak for themselves -- the third baseman has upwards of 450 homers, 1,500 RBI and an OPS of .935 -- but the simple fact that he has lasted as a switch-hitter over all these years is amazing in itself.

Very few players are capable of being productive at one side of the plate at the Major League level. Jones did it from both sides, and he did it better than just about everyone else in the game.

It's only a matter of when Chipper is enshrined into the Hall of Fame. And as for the Braves, he will have his number retired right next to Bobby Cox's No. 6 in the coming years.

For more on Chipper and the Braves, visit Talking Chop.


Chipper Jones Retirement: National Accolades Come Pouring In

With Chipper Jones announcing his retirement on Thursday, baseball writers from across the country have chimed in with their thoughts on the career and legacy of the long-time Atlanta Brave.

At Baseball Nation, Rob Neyer strongly endorses Jones as a lock for the Hall of Fame:

That's Chipper Jones. He's got the quantity, and he's got the quality. He's not one of the two or three best third basemen ever because he was not, it should be said, much of a fielder. But he's certainly among the 10 best third basemen ever. Comfortably.

Of course, there can't be a Hall of Fame discussion anymore without bringing up performance-enhancing drugs. Baseball Nation editor Grant Brisbee looks at why Jeff Bagwell and Jones are viewed so differently despite the remarkable amount of similarities between the two players:

There we go. Chipper the teenager on the left. Chipper the filled-out veteran on the right. That's the key term: "filled-out." Baseball players who played and starred in the '90s were allowed to fill out. They were not allowed to get muscular. Retroactively, of course. At the time, baseball players who got muscular were something of a new fad, but they were accepted and the norm at one point. They were like Nehru jackets: accepted while the fad was going on, clearly strange in retrospect.

At, David Schoenfield looks at how Jones' career with the Braves compares with other No. 1 overall picks over the last generation:

Among No. 1 overall picks, only Alex Rodriguez has compiled more career Wins Above Replacement, but no player has accumulated more value with his original team than Chipper:

Chipper Jones, Braves, 1990: 82.7
Ken Griffey Jr.. Mariners, 1989: 67.6
Joe Mauer, Twins, 2001: 40.3
Darryl Strawberry, Mets, 1980: 37.7
Alex Rodriguez, Mariners, 1993: 37.1

Jeff Schultz at the Atlanta Journal Constitution gets some nice quotes from Hank Aaron about Jones' tenure with the franchise:

"I think many great players in Chipper's era are under-appreciated, and the reason for that is the way the system is," Aaron said. "Baseball is a lot different than it was 10, 15 years ago. People look at players, I guess, by the money they make. Chipper falls into that category of players who have not only meant a lot to the Braves but to the city. When you see a ballplayer like this come along and you watch him for 19 or 20 years, sometimes you don't fully appreciate him until after he's gone."

For more on the retirement of Chipper Jones, check out Talking Chop and Baseball Nation.


Chipper Jones Retirement: Jones Interested In Coaching, But 'Not Right Now'

Citing his 23 years in baseball and his desire to be more than a "part time Dad," Chipper Jones spoke to the media to officially announce his retirement after 17 seasons in Major League Baseball, all with the Atlanta Braves, effective at the end of the 2012 season.

Jones acknowledged that he had an interest in coaching after he retired, but not in the immediate future, expressing a desire to spend more time with his family.

Throughout his speech, Jones thanked practically the entire cast of the Atlanta Braves mythos, from ownership and Bobby Cox to Hall Of Fame players like Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and John Smoltz, to his current teammates, his friends and family, and the Braves fans across the nation. Jones even thanked TBS, the former cable home created by one-time Braves owner Ted Turner, for giving birth to "Braves Country."

Jones also expressed his pride in playing solely for the Braves organization throughout his entire run, saying that he's "been proud to only wear the red, white and blue of the Atlanta Braves," and that in attempting to model his career after Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn, he knew the importance of staying with one club.

For more on the retirement of Chipper Jones, check out Talking Chop and Baseball Nation.


Chipper Jones' Retirement Press Conference Scheduled For Thursday Morning

Atlanta Braves legend Chipper Jones will announce his retirement from Major League Baseball, effective at the end of the 2012 season, at a Thursday morning press conference. The event is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. ET.

Jones, who'll go down as one of the best Braves ever, perhaps the best switch-hitter in baseball history, and a likely Hall of Famer, could re-join the organization after his retirement in some other capacity. Jones has expressed interest in doing just that, and the Braves would certainly like to hang onto such a beloved local figure.

Speaking of being beloved, it's so fitting that Jones' last home series will be against the New York Mets. It really couldn't happen any other way. Poor fella probably wanted to retire like five years ago, but just couldn't get the schedule to line up like this.

For more on the Chipper Jones retirement and the Atlanta Braves, go to Talking Chop and Baseball Nation.


Chipper Jones To Retire Following 2012 Season, 3rd Baseman Announces

An Atlanta Braves icon, Chipper Jones is set to formally retire following the 2012 season, after 18 years in Major League Baseball.


Chipper Jones Shoots Down Retirement Rumors

Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones is heading into his 20th season in Major League Baseball, all of them with the Atlanta club. On Monday, a story was published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that made it seem as if he was mulling retirement during Braves Spring Training. Now Jones has responded, saying he has every intention of playing.

On Tuesday morning, Jones addressed the media via phone interview and according to Mark Bowman of, he wasn't very happy that his comments were misrepresented.

"Unfortunately, I said it around two guys who don't know me very well, and they didn't realize I was kidding around," Jones said. "One of the guys asked, 'You think you can make it through the season with your knees?' I said, 'Make it through the season, I don't know if I can make it through tomorrow.' Obviously, I'm joking. That's an obvious joke. Really, I just came off the field after playing eight innings. I've had eight at-bats all spring. I was kidding around.

"It was tongue and cheek [sic]. I was kidding. I just got done playing eight innings with three at-bats. I was a little tired. I wasn't by any means suggesting I couldn't make it through the season. If I didn't think that I could, I wouldn't be out there."

Jones' agent was also displeased, calling the speculation a "disservice" to the future Hall of Famer and his career.

For all news and information regarding the Atlanta Braves, please visit Talking Chop or stay tuned to SB Nation Atlanta.


Chipper Jones Unsure If He Can Make It Through 2012 Season With Atlanta Braves

The All-Star third baseman sounds like a man who is tired of his body always hurting him.


Atlanta Braves Offseason News: Chipper Jones Discusses Bad Knees, Trade Rumors, Playing In 2013

Chipper Jones is one of the most beloved figures in Atlanta Braves history and the third baseman will undoubtably be in the Hall Of Fame one day. Chipper has never been shy about discussing various aspects of the club with the media and he recent gave an extensive interview to the AJC on a wide variety of topics. Here are a couple of the highlights.

Q. How are your knees?

A. Everything is pretty good. I've been working out for a month, month and a half. I played in (Brian McCann) Mac's charity softball game about six weeks ago. I was really worried coming out of that because my right knee was killing me. I had been away from playing for a month and really had seen no improvement. But now I've been taking - not live swings, but swings with aggression - here at the house. Six weeks ago I couldn't put any weight on my right knee at all, as far as swinging right-handed. Now I'm swinging basically as hard as I can. I'm able to sit back on my backside, which is something I couldn't do at the end of the year last year. I feel strong. I've lost some weight, which hopefully will relieve some pressure.

Q. Have you given much thought to 2013?

A. I've given some thought to it, and it's too early to talk about ‘13. I go through stretches during the season every year where I feel like I don't want to play anymore. Then I go through stretches where I think I can play five more years (laughs). Obviously when you're in the middle of a 10 or 15-game hitting streak and you've hit a couple homers, and the game is slowing down for you, you feel like you can play forever. Then there's those 3-for-25s where your team loses five out of seven games, and you're like "What the heck am I doing?" You lose focus a little bit. I've got to not make a decision whenever I'm in one of those streaks. I'll try to wait until I'm going good to make a decision to make sure I'm in the right frame of mind.

It's always great to hear from old No. 10. I personally thought Chipper's answer on trade rumors and what rival GMs attempt to do in every deal was awesome. And as for playing in 2013, it will be interesting to see what Jones does and how it impacts the front office; if Jones retires, Atlanta could have upwards of $30 million dollars to spend if they decline a few options here or there. That would certainly be a change of pace from the offseason we are currently experiencing now.


Chipper Jones Returning For 2012 Braves Season, And Maybe 2013 Too

For yet another season, Chipper Jones will be returning to Atlanta in 2012. Why? And will he return for 2013 and well? The third baseman explains...

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