Atlanta Braves Making Progress With 2012 Draft Signings

The Atlanta Braves have now signed all of their first 10 picks from the 2012 MLB Draft, and now just one player taken in the first 30 rounds remain unsigned. The club has placed an emphasis in recent years on drafting prospects eager to sign, which is exactly what a good majority of them have done in the last three weeks.

We'll take a look at who has signed and where a few of the more notable players are getting their first taste of the Minor Leagues after the jump.

Here is the complete list of prospects, courtesy of Talking Chop.

1. Lucas Sims, RHP
2. Alex Wood, LHP
3. Bryan de la Rosa, C
4. Justin Black, OF
5. Blake Brown, OF
6. Josh Elander, C
7. David Starn, LHP
8. David Peterson, RHP
9. Steven Schils, RHP
10. Mike Dodig, 3B
12. Connor Lien, OF
13. Nathan Hyatt, RHP
14. Tyler Tewell, C/OF
15. Alex Wilson, RHP
16. Fernelys Sanchez, OF
17. Chase Anselment, OF
18. Ross Heffley, 2B
19. Levi Hyams, 2B
20. Eric Garcia, SS
21. Jeremy Fitzgerald, RHP
22. Shae Simmons, RHP
23. Kevin McKague, 1B/RHP
24. Michael Flores, RHP
25. Brandon Rohde, LHP
26. Trenton Moses, 3B
27. Chris Barczycowski, RHP
28. Kraig Clabough, SS
29. Jaden Dillon, RHP
30. Casey Kalenkosky, 1B

You will notice that only the 11th round player, Levi Borders, is the one yet to sign. He is the son of Pat Borders and could have a bright future in baseball, but it appears he is destined to play college football at South Florida. There's still a possible chance he signs, but that seems unlikely at this point.

That means the Braves will sign 29 of their first 30 picks, which is phenomenal.

Here's Martin Gandy of TC with a look at what's the next step for the Bravos.

The Braves ability to sign any of their remaining players, including Craig Kimbrel's brother Matt Kimbrel, drafted in the 31st round, will hinge on how much of a bonus the team will give (No. 16 pick Fernelys) Sanchez. Teams are allowed to give $100,000 bonuses to players after the tenth round without penalty, and can go over that amount if the team has saved money on slot bonuses with their first ten picks. The Braves have $133,800 of additional bonus money available, based on the money they saved on bonuses for their first ten picks. This includes the large over-slot bonus they have already paid to talented high school outfielder Connor Lien, drafted in the 12th round.

It'll be interesting to see how Atlanta chooses to allocate their money. Adding another Kimbrel in the organization certainly doesn't seem like a bad idea given how incredible his brother is, and the club took numerous prep hitters that may be willing to sign for a big bonus. We'll keep you updated in the coming weeks.

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