'War Room' Book On Thomas Dimitroff, Bill Belichick, Scott Pioli Out In October

A new book chronicling the impact of Bill Belichick in the NFL will feature Atlanta Falcons' General Manager Thomas Dimitroff as a central figure. "War Room: Bill Belichick and the Patriot Legacy," is due out October 4.

From the publisher:

This is a football book with three central characters: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli, and Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff. Michael Holley [followed] Belichick, Pioli, and Dimitroff through the entire 2010 season—from training camp 2010, through the Super Bowl, and into the April draft—exploring the personal connections of the three men and the increasing influence of the Patriot way.

Most of the recent Falcons success is attributed to Dimitroff. His shrewd draft strategies haven't always aligned with the popular mock drafts but his track record speaks for itself. When he was awarded Executive of the Year by Sporting News, some were surprised by the choice. It's clear now that in most NFL circles, Dimitroff is coveted. This is absolutely because of his time with the Patriots. The book summary goes on to say:

Belichick and Pioli have been friends since the 1980s, when Belichick was a young coordinator for the New York Giants. They worked together in Cleveland, New York (Jets) and New England. In 2008, Pioli left for Kansas City to build a Midwestern Patriots model. A year before Pioli left, Dimitroff was the surprising top GM choice of the Falcons, who dreamed of building Patriots South in Atlanta.

The NFL has always been a copycat league. If it works for one team there's no reason to think it can't work for yours. The Patriots started it. The Chiefs and Falcons are continuing it. Those three teams went a combined 37-13 in 2010. The book finishes up with April's NFL Draft.

The culmination of the narrative will be all three men preparing their teams for the lifeblood of the NFL, which is the draft, as all three franchises seek to improve themselves through similar philosophies but perhaps different strategies.

This should be a very interesting read. Considering how secretive Belichick is - and by extension Dimitroff - anytime the curtain is pulled back is a good thing. If nothing else it will give you something to read in case there's no football in 2011.

Via Arrowhead Pride

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