Hawks Vs. Magic Game 3 Update: Jason Richardson, Zaza Pachulia Ejected For Fighting, Dwight Howard Gets T

Things are getting a little bit testy at Philips Arena.

Atlanta Hawks center Zaza Pachulia and Orlando Magic forward Jason Richardson were ejected with 2:22 remaining in the fourth quarter in Game 3 of the first round matchup between the two clubs at Philips Arena on Friday.

With Atlanta ahead 81-79, Dwight Howard went to the hoop and was hacked by Pachulia. Howard followed with by unleashing an elbow to the throat of Pachulia. A livid Pachulia began to campaign for a technical.

Richardson got into Pachulia's face and the two players continued to jaw under the Orlando bucket. Pachulia unleashed a couple of headbutts on Richardson. Richardson followed with a little bit of a slap before the two were separated by teammates.

"I just got (an) elbow (from Howard)," Pachulia told reporter Nubyjas Wilborn of nobiasnobullsports.com in  an interview posted on YouTube. "It was obvious, they called a technical. I tried to tell the refs. Honestly, I didn't see Richardson there. He came from behind me and things got bad there."

Pachulia and Richardson were both ejected for fighting. Both players will probably be suspended for Game 4. The NBA automatically suspends a player at least one game for throwing a punch, although Pachulia used his big head and Richardson threw more of a girl-slap than an actual punch.

"I don't know what's going to happen," Pachulia said. "I'm sure the league's going take a look, and I am going await a decision."

Howard was assessed a technical foul on the play for the elbow. Of course, he didn't think he quite did anything.

"I didn't see a tech," Howard said in a postgame press conference. "I didn't see a need for the tech. I was in the act of shooting when I got fouled I just went up. I don't think it should have been a technical foul for that.

"I didn't elbow him. You've seen me elbow somebody or come close to elbow somebody. I don't think that should be a technical foul. Especially after you review another play. The review is about the altercation."

We'll get video of the incident to you at some point, once it becomes available on the 'Net.

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