VIDEO: GM Rick Dudley On Thrashers Relocation Reports: 'Don't Even Want To Know'

Atlanta Thrashers general manager Rick Dudley was on with the SportsNet crew during the intermission of a weekend Memorial Cup scouting trip. They repeatedly asked him for his thoughts about the team's likely move to Winnipeg, and he repeatedly told them he hadn't been told anything. Transcribing this was a blast!

SN: Are you working for the Winnipeg franchise or the Atlanta franchise. How much do you know right now? 

RD: I'm working for the Atlanta Thrashers, which is who I'm the general manager of right now, and I have no idea on the rest of it. 

SN: Have you talked to Don Waddell as far as what's happening on this potential sale to True North?

RD: Sure, I talk to Don. I talk to Donny every day. The truth is, this is something I can't control. I don't even want to know. It can only be a distraction to what I'm trying to do here. We're trying to put together a draft, and that's all.

SN: Is it safe to say that it is business as usual? No one in ownership has told you anything about the business in any way other than what you've been accustomed to?

RD: That's exactly right. No one has said one word to me other than, "Do you job." And that's the way I like it. I don't want to be distracted by those kinds of things. We've got a lot of work to do to get ready for a draft. A lot of work to do to get contracts done and those types of things, and nobody's said anything any different than that.

SN: What do you tell your players right now? Have you had any conversations with them?

RD: I've told anybody who's asked me that I know no more than they do. What they read in the paper is what I know.

SN: Do you have a gut feeling, whether you'll be in Atlanta or in Winnipeg?

RD: I really don't even attempt to it. I know that sounds flippant, but I really don't. What comes down the road I have no control over.

SN: If this franchise moves this week, do you expect to still be the general manager?

RD: That's not up to me. Again, no control.

SN: But you'd like to, though.

RD: Oh, sure.

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