Josh Massey


I am a native Atlantan (Northside Hospital, represent), a University of Georgia graduate, lifelong Braves fan, and Falcons season ticket-holder. I survived the bubonic plague in '85, once found an Atlanta Brave passed out on my couch, and worship the films of Sylvester Stallone. Tailgating is my art, and I create masterpieces that'll make you cry.


Week Nine NFL Picks, Aiding And A'Betting: Buccaneers-Falcons, Saints-Panthers, Colts-Eagles

The road teams dominate the Vegas lines, but Atlanta remains a heavy favorite at home. Here are the NFL picks, in all their glorious randomness.

Week Eight NFL Picks, Aiding And A'Betting: Packers-Jets, Vikings-Patriots, Steelers-Saints

The NFL's Week Eight is upon us, Vegas picks the spreads, and you pick the winners. Sometimes it's that easy.

Week Seven NFL Picks, Aiding And A'Betting: Bengals-Falcons, Eagles-Titans, Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers

It's week seven, and the NFL is ready - as long as you promise to play nice. Scoring may be at record levels this weekend, so venture into Vegas with your eyes open.

Week Six NFL Picks: Aiding And A'Betting

The bookies are open for business during Week Six of the NFL, and SB Nation Atlanta wants to help you beat 'em.

Week Five NFL Picks: Aiding And A'Betting

Week five of the NFL features great games, so-so ones, and some only a gambler could love.

Aiding And A'Betting: Week Four NFL Picks

The NFL heads into its fourth week of action, and Vegas can make even the dullest games interesting. Strike while the picks are hot.

Aiding And A'Betting: Week 3 NFL Picks

It's Week Three in the NFL, and our intrepid gambler is off to a good start due to insight and intelligence, and not just luck. Definitely not just luck.

Fox Digs Deep Into Stock Footage, Showing Pre-2007 Georgia Dome

As Fox entered its Falcons-Cardinals broadcast this afternoon, it set the scene with an exterior shot. Broadcaster Thom Brennaman opined, “A steamy day on the outside of the Georgia Dome, 92...

Aiding And A'Betting: Week Two NFL Picks

What teams will cover the spread this weekend? Yeah, we have no idea either, but that didn't stop us from writing about it.

Aiding And A'Betting: Week One NFL Picks

A handy NFL gambling guide from a guy who's profoundly terrible at gambling.

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