Michael Bird



Wouldn't This Be Fun?

A pleasant thought for Braves fans: St. Louis and Pittsburgh having to play one another in order to get the right to come to Atlanta for a wild card game.

Baseball Prospectus On Jason Heyward: "What Does All This Mean? I Don’t Know"

Bill Parker at the Baseball Prospectus takes a look at Jason Heyward's summer explosion ($) and notes that not only is he walking less than he did during his outstanding 2010, but also his...

5,267 Words On College Football Media Deals And 'Swofford' Does Not Appear Once

Andy Staples' terrific history of college football media rights is notable because it does not contain any mention of the ACC.

2012 USC And 2008 Georgia: A Cautionary Tale For The Trojans

2008 Georgia came into the season ranked #1 because of a spirited performance in the second half of the 2007 season and an epic collection of skill position talent. Does that sound familiar, USC fans?

Clever With Leather: The Braves' Excellent Defense

After replacing Tyler Pastornicky with Andrelton Simmons, the Braves might have the best defensive team in the National League. Frank Wren should keep that fact in mind when deciding whether to trade prospects for a top starting pitcher.

What ESPN Could Learn From ESPN: Euro 2012 Lessons For College Football

ESPN did a terrific job of covering Euro 2012 because they let the action in the tunnel and on the field tell the story, rather than trying to narrate excitement. The network could stand to take the same approach to college football.

Joe Johnson Trade: Cap Space Doesn't Necessarily Equal Championships

Danny Ferry's hiring in Atlanta has met with near-universal acclaim. However, the fact that LeBron James just won his first title in Miami rather than Cleveland should cause Hawks fans some concern about the team's new GM.

Why Criticizing Fredi Gonzalez Is So Much Fun

In order to make 162 games seem interesting, we need disasters like the eighth inning on Tuesday night.

There's No Accounting For Taste: The Media Positions Of The SEC and Big Ten

The SEC offers a better product on the field, but the Big Ten has a better position in terms of its media rights deals. For that, Jim Delany can thank the fact that his fans apparently do not care about the quality of the product on their TV sets.

A Very Short Answer To The "Why Now?" Question

Why promote Andrelton Simmons now? Because the Braves need an answer on the shortstop situation before July 31.

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