2011 NFL Draft: A.J. Green, Justin Houston Rumors Heating Up

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Brandon Boykin Announces Return in 2011

Brandon Boykin, the experienced junior CB out of Fayette County HS, announced that he will return for his senior season in Athens.

This is very good news for the Georgia Bulldogs defense who will likely lose their two two tacklers from last season. The 5-10, 183 lbs. Boykin has 24 career starts at corner and is a home run threat on kick returns. He will return as the reigning kick returner in UGA history with 1813 yards. His three career 100-yard kickoff returns make him the only player in SEC history with three 100-yard plays of any kind.

"After meeting with my family and coaches, I was able to put a lot of things into perspective," Boykin said in a statement. "First of all, I want to be part of getting Georgia back into the championship hunt. Coming back will also give me a chance to get my degree before entering the draft, and another year of experience will only make me a better player as well."


A.J. Green, Justin Houston, Brandon Boykin Leaving Georgia To Enter NFL Draft, According To Strange Tweet!

Update 1/8: Looks like the tweet that had Georgia Twitter all stirred up was incorrect.

Last night this tweet by former Georgia Bulldogs player Kelin Johnson, in which Johnson alleges A.J. Green, Justin Houston, and Brandon Boykin will declare for the NFL Draft on Friday, sent local Twitter into a — well, not quite a frenzy, more like some sort of Mexican standoff. Nobody really know what to make of it, but it’s now been retweeted by four different local media personalities and cited on air by WSB’s Zach Klein, and is at least worth considering.

The tweet:

UGA’s AJ Green, Justin Houston and Brandon Boykin will declare to the NFL Draft tomorrow.

And, again, it's being cited by multiple Atlanta sports traditional media members, even though Boykin has already denied it, which wouldn’t necessarily rule out Green or Houston. Boykin:

Not sure where these rumors have come from, but I have not made any decision.

This is now the second time reports have surfaced on Twitter (and been shot down on the same medium) of a Dawg or Dawgs going pro. Were it not for Johnson’s claimed date of announcement (January 7), it really wouldn’t even be news at all, as Green and Houston would have to turn down instant millions to return to school.


A.J. Green Denies Report He's Leaving Georgia Early For NFL Draft

UPDATE: Half an hour later, Green tweeted, "Haven't even made a decision yet!" after a crashing wave of Georgia fans mobbed his Twitter all at once. So there you go. Probably still going to leave Georgia, though.

Georgia Bulldogs WR A.J. Green has denied via Twitter Wednesday’s report by WSBTV.com that he’s planning to skip his senior season and enter the NFL Draft. Green, from late Wednesday night:

Idk where these ppl got that I'm going pro..this is def not true..less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Not clear what this is. It’s not true that Green has made up his mind, or it’s not true that Green will go pro? While Dawgs fans on Twitter are taking the latter interpretation and running with it, God bless ’em, it could still only be the former.

Or the latter phrase could be a comment on the first. As in "It’s definitely not true that I don’t know where these people got that I’m going pro." That’s probably not it, but we’re here to explore all our options.

Georgia QB Aaron Murray chimed in shortly after, and either these two are trolling Dawg Nation hard, or Green's sticking around:

@ajgreen_uga8 heard your coming back to win a Heisman haha    

Green is expected to be a top-five pick in the NFL Draft whenever he does get around to entering it. Our own Mocking The Draft has ranked him as the nation’s most talented player and the No. 1 draft prospect.

WSB, for their part, isn't changing their tune:

That's not what u told 2 sources close 2u. Stand by story RT @ajgreen_uga8: Idk where these ppl got that I'm going pro..this is def not trueless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone


A.J. Green Leaving Georgia Early For NFL Draft, According To Report

WSBTV.com is reporting Georgia Bulldogs WR A.J. Green will forego his senior season to enter the 2011 NFL Draft. The report cites a pair of sources who claim 100 percent certainty, and that a potential lockout will not affect Green's decision. None of this is at all surprising, of course.

A potential No. 1 pick, Green stands to become a multi-millionaire in just a few months, if this report is true. There's no reason to think it isn't, because, again: multi-millionaire. While an A.J. Green senior year paired with a more experienced Aaron Murray would've been amazing, it was a longshot.

Green will likely play his last game as a Dawg in the Liberty Bowl against the Central Florida Knights. He'll leave with a handful of school records, though many fans will lament what might've been were it not for a sophomore-season injury and an incident that sidelined at the start of this season. Green was found to have sold an Independence Bowl jersey, earning him a four-game suspension.

Much more to come on Green's decision here, and the draft prospects of Green and other Georgia players here.

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