Alabama-Virginia Tech Official For Atlanta's 2013 College Kickoff Weekend

Charting the future of Atlanta's Chick-fil-A College Kickoff games.

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Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game: Gary Stokan On 'The Capital Of College Football'

Gary Stokan, overseer of the Chick-fil-A Bowl, College Football Hall of Fame and just about everything else Atlanta sports, spoke with SB Nation Atlanta as Georgia and Boise State prepare to play in the Chick-fil-A College Kickoff.


Alabama Vs. Virginia Tech Official For 2013 Chick-Fil-A Game

It's official: the top programs from the SEC and ACC will meet in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic. Though some are unhappy with seeing the Alabama Crimson Tide and Virginia Tech Hokies play again so soon, I kind of think this matchup should happen as frequently as possible.

“This is a great game for our fans and our program to open a season against a prestigious program like the University of Alabama,” said Frank Beamer. “What makes it even more attractive is working with all the great people who are associated with the Chick-fil-A Bowl. How we were treated at the event two years ago makes us want to go back and play in this great atmosphere again.”

“We've had the opportunity to open the season twice before in Atlanta, and the experience has been extremely positive for our team and our fans,” said Nick Saban. “The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in the Georgia Dome is a great venue for college football. It has a bowl game feel, and the staff has done an outstanding job of making it a first-class event. We have a lot of respect for Coach Beamer and the Virginia Tech program, and we look forward to another great game in 2013.”

A couple weeks ago BC Interruption wondered if the  ACC and another conference should go ahead and formally pair up, with each team playing a set rival from the other conference every year. The SEC would be convenient, as about half of each conference already plays a rival from the other, and it wouldn't be all that tough to come up with a few more pairings like this one.

Though that has nothing to do with Bama and VPI playing each other again, I guess it sheds a little more light on why I think this game is a great idea. These fanbases have both shown they can mob Atlanta, and based on track records this is the safest bet for a high-profile SEC-ACC game three seasons from now.

Updated Chick-fil-A game table (speculated matchups in italics):


Year Game 1 Game 2 Etc.


2011 Georgia vs. Boise State N/A


2012 N.C. State vs. Tennessee Clemson vs. Auburn


2013 Alabama vs. Virginia Tech Georgia Tech vs. USC


2014 Alabama vs.  Ole Miss vs. Boise State Georgia vs. Georgia Tech


2015 Georgia Tech vs. 

Virginia Tech Football Vs. Alabama? Potential 2013 Chick-Fil-A Game Matchup

Sounds like Tech might play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2013 Chick-fil-A Game. Oh, no, not our Tech, thank goodness -- the Virginia Tech Hokies. Though the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are looking into playing in one of the 2013 games, with the USC Trojans being the most recently rumored opponent, the other Tech is considering a rematch with Bama for the '13 main event, according to athletic director Jim Weaver, who says he was approached by Gary Stokan himself.

Talk about a Tech convention!

Virginia Tech proved itself as an Atlanta draw in 2009, when Hokies fans traveled well to a close loss against the eventual champion Tide to open the season, an upset loss at Bobby Dodd Stadium and an eventual victory over Tennessee in the Chick-fil-A Bowl that ran Lane Kiffin out of the Southeast.  

Bama's already locked in for the 2013 and 2014 weekends -- if you want to pair SEC and ACC teams in at least one game per year, it might not be possible to top Tide-Hokies.

Updated table (speculated matchups in italics):


Georgia Tech Football Sought For 2013 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have yet to play in a Chick-fil-A College Kickoff game, but that could change if the game's organizers get their way. Chick-fil-A Bowl president Gary Stokan says he wants Tech in a 2013 game, which would come just a few months after the opening of the College Football Hall of Fame just around the corner.

Tech and the USC Trojans nearly had a matchup scheduled for the 2011 game, but Mike Garrett's firing at USC opened the door for the Georgia Bulldogs to welcome the Boise St. Broncos instead. Alabama is also reportedly interested in playing in the Georgia Dome in 2013 and 2014, but remember the game will be a doubleheader in 2012 and potentially beyond, so Tech won't necessarily play Bama -- though the two schools did recently postpone a scheduled 2013 and 2014 home-and-home.

Getting an Atlanta team into an Atlanta kickoff game sponsored by the most Atlanta national corporation to celebrate the rightful relocation to Atlanta of the College Hall ... this is almost too much to bear. Let's make it happen.

Updated table (speculated matchups in italics):


2011 Chick Fil A Kickoff Game: Maybe 40,000 More Georgia Dome Tickets For UGA Than For Boise St.

The 2011 Chick Fil A Kickoff Game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Boise St. Broncos will air Saturday, Sept. 3 on ABC or ESPN. UGA will receive $1.7 million for participating, and Boise St. $1.4 million. Not only will the Dawgs have a 90-minute drive to Atlanta instead of a 2,000-mile flight, the Georgia Dome will also be almost all red and black.’s Fletcher Page notes Boise will be given 7,500 tickets to sell to its fans — and they won’t be penalized if they can’t sell them all. Boise likely negotiated its allotment to include that stipulation, meaning they’re not entirely confident they can fill ten percent of the Georgia Dome even though they just sent about 12,000 to DC to play the Virginia Tech Hokies. VT and Boise were both top-ten teams this year, and UGA is unlikely to be ranked in the top twenty next year, so Boise may be foreseeing a lack of interest rather than a lack of support. If that distinction makes sense.

The Dome seats over 71,000. UGA is expected to have at least 40,000, and possibly more than 50,000, of those to sell. Add in metro Atlantans who’ll pick up tickets just to see the college football opener and get a look at the Broncos, most (but not all!) of whom would probably root for an SEC school over an upstart, and this is an even roadier road game for Boise than this year’s trip to play the Virginia Tech Hokies. But at least it’s indoors so Brent Musburger can’t freak out about the humidity.


Ole Miss Rebels Will Play Boise State Broncos in 2014 Chick Fil A Kickoff Game

The Ole Miss Rebels will play the Boise State Broncos in the 2014 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game reports the Clarion Ledger via Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone .

Boise State was originally scheduled to play the Rebels in next season’s season opener, but instead Ole Miss will play Brigham Young University to kickoff the 2011 season.

It seems, as far as the two teams are concerned, that money is the most influential reason to change the date the two teams will play eachother. The Chick-Fil-A Kickoff in 2012 is expected to pay $2 million to each team that participates according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

There is quite a bit of time to think about what sort matchup Boise State and Ole Miss will be in four seasons, but hopefully Boise State is able to remain the powerhouse it has the past few seasons.


Reports: Boise St. Broncos To Play Georgia Bulldogs In 2011 Chick Fil A Kickoff Game

Rumors about the 2011 Chick Fil A Kickoff Game scheduling the Boise St. Broncos and Georgia Bulldogs have been bubbling all morning, and’s Dean Legge is reporting Mark Richt has told UGA players to get ready for the Broncos. Georgia was supposed to make a scheduling announcement later today anyway, and the AJC’s Tim Tucker says that's when they’ll announce the matchup with Boise St.

We’re talking a game against a team that very well could be the defending national champions, a rematch of Georgia’s 2005 domination led by D.J. Shockley, and the second straight year Boise has opened with a cross-country game in a tough opponent’s backyard. If Boise isn’t able to make it to the big kids’ table again this year, it would also be billed as yet another statement game for the Broncos.

This is not what anybody had in mind when Greg McGarity said he’d bring the Florida Gators scheduling model to Athens. But sooner or later Boise's going to lose one of these statement games. Plus they’ll actually lose players this season, including quite possibly junior QB Kellen Moore, instead of returning 23 of 24 starters or whatever as usual — there’s really no better time to schedule Boise. It’s just physics, y’all.

Richt has said he’ll talk about the announcement Monday, delivering the early favorite for quote of the weekend: “Hypothetically, no comment.” 

Updated chart:

2011 Georgia Bulldogs vs. Boise St. Broncos? N/A
2012 N.C. State Wolfpack vs. Tennessee Volunteers Clemson Tigers vs. Auburn Tigers
2013 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. ? ?
2014 Alabama vs. ? Georgia? vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets?
2015 Georgia Tech? vs. ? ?


Tracking Chick Fil A Kickoff Game Scheduling Through 2015

The Chick Fil A Kickoff Game is a pretty big deal around here, and it's soon to get even bigger, with 2012's game growing by mitosis. We'll update this chart when new confirmations and rumors break. And if the 2034 matchup gets announced, I supposed we can squeeze a bigger chart into our HTML budget.

Speculation italicized and linked to source of speculation.

2011 Georgia Tech? vs. LSU? vs.  USC? N/A
2012 N.C. State vs. Tennessee Clemson vs. Auburn
2013 Alabama vs. ? ?
2014 Alabama vs. ? Georgia? vs. Georgia Tech?
2015 Georgia Tech? vs. ? ?
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