Herschel Walker Vs. Scott Carson: Dawgs Legend Dominates Second MMA Fight

Former Georgia football and NFL star Herschel Walker will compete in his second MMA fight against Scott Carson on Saturday in San Jose.

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Herschel Walker Vs. Scott Carson At Strikeforce: Walker Wins Easily By TKO

Does Herschel Walker ever get tired of winning? It doesn't look like it, because he was able to pick up his second MMA win by defeating Scott Carson in the Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg event on Saturday night.

Honestly, this fight was one sided as soon as the opening bell rang. In fact, according to Michael David Smith who covered the event for mmafighting.com, Carson did not even try to punch back. Walker threw punches at Carson as soon as the fight got started. Then Walker slammed Carson on the ground and started whaling on him, which forced the referee to stop the match a little over three minutes in.

Here's what Walker told Smith after the match:

"I was OK. I've got to be on offense. Being a young MMA fighter I've got to control what I'm doing in the cage."

He certainly had control in the fight, and he improves his MMA record to 2-0. So with the win, the question is how far can he go with MMA? Will he face a much younger opponent that has more experience? And if he continues to win, could he compete for a title? Only time will tell, but knowing Walker's work ethic and dedication, anything is possible for the 48-year old.

For more on this match as well as MMA, go to SB Nation's MMA hub.


Herschel Walker Vs. Scott Carson At Strikeforce: Walker Looks To Silence The Doubters

It's no secret Herschel Walker is 48 years old and the opponent he is facing, Scott Carson, is 40. So there is talk around the MMA world that Walker is only fighting because they think it's a publicity stunt.

But Walker, who will turn 49 in March has said that this is real and if you were to come to his training sessions, you would see he is not joking around. That said, Carson is not the most feared opponent in MMA, and the reason for that is he has only competed in one MMA event in the last 10 years.

So that has done little to justify Walker's seriousness of the sport. But he also says that he is doing this to challenge himself. He's not going to compete for titles, he  just wants to get better at the sport because he has fallen in love with it.

As far as the outcome goes, Carson is a guy that has been in five MMA matches and has won four of them. He has trained with the likes of Chick Liddell, Jake Shields and Tim Kennedy. Some injuries have forced him to not have the career he would have hoped for, and he is coming off a tough loss to Lorenz Larkin back in June.

Walker won his first ever MMA match to Greg Nagy back in January. But like any inexperienced MMA fighter, he has a lot to learn, which could give the advantage to Carson. So this has a chance to be a good match, but it will come down to fundamentals.

For more on this match as well as MMA, go to SB Nation's MMA hub.


VIDEO: Herschel Walker Training For Second Strikeforce Fight, Says MMA Is Best Sport

With Herschel Walker’s second MMA fight, a Strikeforce to-do against Scott Carson, coming up this weekend, here’s a look behind the scenes at Walker’s training. MMA training is very confusing to me, as everything he wears and every door he walks through has a different logo and name on it, which probably makes the thing a little bit more fascinating than it should be:

Not that it’s not interesting by its own right, of course. Walker is often asked to compare football and MMA — here he outlines the precision and perfection required of the MMA fighter, comparing it to football, where a mistake can be overlooked in the total mayhem brought on by 22 athletes running around at once.

He also draws a similarity while describing the mindset an MMA fighter must have. It’s easy to think of fighters and football players as cavemen, especially when they themselves cultivate that image, but strategizing is as much a part of combat sports as it is any other.

Well, maybe not as much as football. Nick Saban gets to work pretty freaking early.


Herschel Walker Is Not Trying To Come Back To The NFL; Media Can't Take A Joke

For some reason, media outlets are still running with the story that Herschel Walker wants to return to play for the NFL, based on an off-hand comment he made to a reporter while conducting PR for his upcoming Strikeforce fight. He’s already clarified that the remark was just a joke in response to a reporter’s question. How long are we going to keep re-posting this story like it’s news?

Say it with me, bros: Herschel Walker is not attempting a pro football comeback. He’s said he’s focused on MMA and hasn’t given any serious thought to returning to the NFL.

It’s rare to see an athlete with enough of a sense of humor and self-awareness to call himself the “George Foreman of football.” It’s kind of like the Caroline Wozniacki thing, I guess, where a bunch of media people thought the tennis star had committed a horrifying blunder when she’d actually just made a joke.


Herschel Walker Vs. Scott Carson At Strikeforce: Walker Ready For Second MMA Fight

It's been a year since his first MMA fight, and Georgia Bulldogs great Herschel Walker is itching to get back in the ring to prove everyone that he is serious about this sport. His first fight was back in January 2010, when he defeated Greg Nagy via TKO. This time, Walker will go against Scott Carson Saturday night in the event Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Cyborg in San Jose.

The match was originally supposed to go down a month ago, but Walker suffered a cut during training that required seven stitches.

With this being Walker's second fight, there will be doubters because of his age. Plus there's the fact that his opponent is more experienced. But knowing Walker's work ethic and how athletic he still is at the age of 48, he will be ready to go for an intense contest.

The fight will be shown live on Showtime, part of the main card, which features three other fights.

For more on Strikeforce and MMA in general, visit SB Nation's MMA hub.

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