Harvey Updyke Apologizes For Something Or Other, Attorney Facepalms

62-year-old Harvey Updyke, from Dadeville, Alabama, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief after Auburn's beloved Toomer's Corner oaks were poisoned with a lethal dose of herbicide.

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Harvey Updyke Arrested For Toomer's Corner Poisoning, According To Report

A man named Harvey Updyke has been arrested for the lethal poisoning of Auburn’s Toomer’s Corner oak trees, according to a report by WTVM9 in Columbus, Ga. He will reportedly be charged with criminal mischief.

That charge will satisfy no Auburn fan, few embarrassed Alabama fans, and pretty much nobody of any stripe, but it's actually a Class C felony that could mean up to 10 years in prison. And remember the feds are on the case, with very serious environmental concerns in play. This could be the least of Updyke’s legal troubles, if reports are accurate.

Birmingham's FOX affiliate claims this is Updyke's mug shot:


The 62-year-old is reportedly indeed from Dadeville, Ala., and his middle name is reportedly Almorn. That would make him a potential "Al from Dadeville." Sigh. Anybody who was holding out hope that there isn’t really somebody that dumb out there: things are looking grim.

Friends of the Program has a link to a Facebook profile of someone that college football message boards are convinced is the Updyke in question.

If Updyke is responsible for harming the trees, he should be very grateful to be in police custody right now. If you have the $50,000 needed to bail him out, you probably shouldn't.


PHOTOS: As Toomer's Corner Vigil Grows, Bryant-Denny Stadium Gets Police Security Detail

Auburn University's announcement that an act of vandalism will likely lead to the death of the ancient oaks at Toomer's Corner has prompted a growing group of fans and students to gather at the trees. They're TPing, but in a less revelrous manner than you'd usually find after an Auburn football win. It's been going on since early this evening, and can be seen live right here.

At the bottom of this post, there's a pic of the police security that's been called to keep an eye on the statues near Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium. But here was the scene at Toomer's Corner around 7 pm ET:


And here's some time around 8 pm ET, when the group had grown slightly. Those people holding signs were there the entire time, and I'd love to know what those signs said.


Things really started to take off after that. This one was taken just after 9 pm ET. At one point there were also people gathered on the median across the street, the one on this photo's left side.


Meanwhile, the scene in Tuscaloosa (Via @IzzyGould):



PHOTO: Toomer's Corner Trees Get One Last Toilet Papering For Old Time's Sake

The dying oak trees at Toomer's Corner, Auburn's beloved landmark and victory rally point, are receiving a loving tribute after news broke that they don't have long to live. Auburn fans have gathered at the corner of Magnolia and College to send the trees off like BCS national champions. There's live, streaming video of it happening right now, if you're quick:


Not quite a bonanza of personal hygiene products, but give it time. It kind of looks like the trees were papered with whatever TP somebody had on hand, and now they're just standing watch while somebody goes on a TP run. You can only be so prepared for this kind of thing, after all. Anybody have any guesses as to what those signs say?

Even as I type this, more onlookers are wandering over. Some of them likely don't even know yet that the trees are dying. The number of sign-holders is up to four.

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