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Hines Ward Makes Dancing With The Stars Final

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Dancing With The Stars Elimination 5/17: Final Show To Feature Hines Ward

Ralph Macchio was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars after producing the final four's weakest score. The former Karate Kid and early frontrunner just wasn't able to keep up down the stretch, leaving former Georgia Bulldogs star Hines Ward and Kym Johnson, Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas, and Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy as the last contenders going into next week's final show.

So yeah, Hines Ward has a good chance of winning this thing.

On Monday's performance show, Ward and Johnson delivered two perfectly scored dances, which hasn't happened this season and probably almost never happens. I'll check the stats on that as soon as you find me a DWTS stats site. Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp were the other NFL players to make the final three, but only Emmitt Smith has gone on to win the Mirror Ball Trophy. It's called the Mirror Ball Trophy!

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars Scores, Results: Perfect May 16 For Hines Ward


Sporting Georgia Bulldogs red and black for his salsa with partner Kym Johnson, who returned from a serious neck injury to compete, Hines Ward achieved the first two perfect scores of the 2011 Dancing With The Stars season Monday night. Team Chelsea Kane finished with the night's best result, however, having topped Ward for 15 points in a bonus round cha-cha competition.

Ralph Macchio could be gone after Tuesday night's elimination show, having produced the lowest score of the week, a 48. Kirstie Alley finished third with a 54. Those two were also the first two out of the cha-cha fest. I can't believe I'm typing all this.

Video of the pro-wrestling-maneuver-gone-horribly-wrong accident that hurt Johnson and their perfect tango -- featuring Johnson in a neck brace lamenting lost practice time #gully -- followed by video of that salsa:

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars 5/9 Results, Scores: Hines Ward Top-Two Again


Hines Ward's run to the 2011 Dancing With The Stars title continues, with the former Georgia Bulldogs star posting the second-highest score on the Week 8 show. Only Chelsea Kane's results (54) surpassed Ward's (53), as Ralph Macchio's 46 puts him on the hot seat for Tuesday night's elimination show. Kirstie Alley scored a 53, while Master P's kid was close behind with a 52.

If those scores seem high, it's because each pair performed two dances this week. Here's video of Ward and Kym Johnson's foxtrot to a version of Natalie Cole's "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)":

Ward tucked a ring into his vest pocked before the performance, then presented it to Johnson at the end. According to international dance rules, they are now married. How will this affect their chances of winning? Is Ward taking this competition seriously enough? Does this all count as minicamp? Did Washaun Ealey leave Georgia football to try out for the next DWTS season?

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Results, Scores: Hines Ward Ranks In Middle This Time


Hines Ward and Kym Johnson finished with the third-highest score of week six's Dancing With The Stars action, putting up a 27 for their Viennese waltz to a budget rendition of Boyz II Men's "End of the Road." Complete results and writeup here, but Ward is in good shape for this week, unlike Chris Jericho, Ralph Macchio and Kendra Wilkinson, who finished with the lowest scores.

Video of Ward's latest acclaimed performance:

Word to the wise, gents -- take a tip from Hines. If your girl won't let you put your robot arm around her while sitting on the Christmas swing, you need to take it straight to the Wanya Morris solo, skipping the first couple verses and both the GIRL and the THAT OTHER FELLA monologs. Cut to the chase, bros.

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Dancing With The Stars Week 5 Results, Scores: Hines Ward Again Takes Top


Hines Ward secured the top Dancing With The Stars score yet again this week, ensuring I remain stuck writing about this show -- complete writeup and recap of America night here. The former Georgia Bulldogs star and partner Kym Johnson dressed up as a sailor and a woman whose dress is in tatters to perform a rumba version of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA," and that's officially the wildest sentence of the day. Also the first time I've ever sat through that song without being at the Stone Mountain Laser Show.

Here's a video of their performance:

Ward and Johnson again wound up with the week's high score, earning a 27 America points from the judges. The pair was followed by Chelsea Kane's 26 for her patriotic rendition of "Party in the USA," along with solid Americans Chris Jericho and Lil Romeo. Questionable citizens Kendra Wilkinson, Ralph Macchio, and Petra Nemcova tied for least patriotic on the evening, scoring only 22 points each.

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Dancing With The Stars Scores: April 11 Show Results In Another Top Hines Ward Finish


The week four edition of Dancing With The Stars' 2011 season is in the books, and it again looks like I'm stuck writing about this show. Complete writeup, scores, videos, and more here of the show's classical-themed night, which saw former Georgia Bulldogs star Hines Ward and partner Kym Johnson turn in a fiery paso doble performance:

Ward was dressed like a Pittsburgh matador, of course, but that looks like pretty good dancing, even to my completely ignorant eyes. He ended up with the second-highest score of the night, missing out on Chelsea Kane's high by only a point. The crowd booed Ward's score, too, which means America may have appreciated his showing even more than the judges did.

The results show is set for tonight at 9 pm ET.

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports and SB Nation Atlanta. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain and SB Nation Pittsburgh.


Dancing With The Stars April 5 Elimination Show Results: Hines Ward Stay Winning

Started writing about Dancing With The Stars' 2011 season because Hines Ward is in it, and he played college football at Georgia. Now I'm stuck writing about it, because it looks like he has a great chance of winning the thing, if the Terrible Towel-waving judges are any indication.

On Tuesday night's week three results show, Ward and partner Kym Johnson earned the night's first elimination show safe pass, being told by the judges that they were in the clear before reprising their performance. Apparently that doesn't often happen.

The good news: Wendy Williams was eliminated. Probably should've happened shortly before week one. Here's a more complete rundown of the elimination show's events.

After Ward and Johnson were told they made it through another week, the show's judges broke out those awful Pittsburgh Steelers rags out of nowhere after never rooting for the Steelers before in their lives, thus acting just like actual Steelers fans, am I right?

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Scores: Hines Ward, Petra Nemcova Take Week Three


Georgia Bulldogs great Hines Ward and partner Kym Johnson posted their third-straight impressive Dancing With The Stars score in week three, earning a 25 from the judges for their samba to Earth Wind & Fire's "Fantasy." Pittsburgh Steelers colors everywhere kind of make Ward look like Shaka Smart. Been a long NFL offseason already, y'all.

Complete write-up of the show here, and here's a video of Ward's April 4 performance:

Ward's top competition for the night, Petra Nemcova, also scored a 25 for this waltz that mostly reminds me of Shawn Michaels' WrestleMania 25 entrance because one night of rasslin' has left me with a profoundly narrow frame of reference for the time being. 

The rest of the night's results: Chelsea Kane and Kendra Wilkinson (23); Chris Jericho, Ralph Macchio, and Kirstie Alley (21); Lil Romeo and Sugar Ray Leonard (20); and Wendy Williams (15). I think we know who's going home tonight.

Previously, Ward finished third in week one and tied Jericho for the top score last week. Not going to go through all the math, but I'm pretty sure he's taken over as the show's highest-scoring competitor.

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Elimination Show: Hines Ward Safe, Mike Catherwood Out

Georgia Bulldogs star Hines Ward breezed through the first elimination show of Dancing With The Stars' 2011 season, earning one of the first two safe spots alongside fellow jock Chris Jericho. If you think dudes aren't watching this show more than they're letting on, that voting result is your evidence to the contrary.

Mike Catherwood, an individual my wife tells me replaced Adam Carolla on Loveline, was the first to be sent packing. How Wendy Williams managed to survive is astounding, but "Psycho Mike" ("Psycho Mike!") must have been really darn bad indeed. Williams and Sugar Ray Leonard were the other two to see their dancing careers placed on the chopping block.

Chris Brown also performed, somehow managing not to beat the hell out of any windows or girlfriends or HATERZ (copyright 2010, Auburn University Athletics Department) along the way. 

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Results, Scores For March 28: Hines Ward Closes Show

The second week of Dancing With The Star’s 2011 season began with Sugar Ray Leonard, who looked much more confident than he did last week. Judges found his footwork tough to watch. I still have no idea what I’m looking at. It looked fine to me. He scored a 17, totaling 34 for the two weeks, which isn’t likely to be among the top results.

Seems the scores from week one and week two will be combined to decide who’s eliminated. Learning so much.

Former Georgia Bulldogs star Hines Ward quoted OutKast’s “ATLiens” and dropped a “shawty” and “crunk” during his training montage, in case you’re still wondering why we’re covering this. Sporting red and black during training and his performance just like his college days, Ward and partner Kym Johnson quick-stepped to an unacceptable version of Stevie Wonder’s “Part Time Lover.” Judges highly approved again, scoring him a 23, meaning 44 overall and second-place overall after two weeks.

Before Ward, Kendra Wilkinson of Playboy and apparent television fame was pretty boring. The judges gave her an 18 (36) and told her that her — good Lord, and I quote — “chesticles” are too big. Just gonna sprint through the rest of these, y’all.

Chelsea Kane earned an 18 (39), Chris Jericho grabbed a 23 (42), Petra Nemcova scored another 18 (36), Kirstie Alley took a 20 (43), Mike Catherwood (WHO?) managed a 17 (30), Lil Romeo mustered a 23 (42), Wendy Williams produced a 17 (31) somehow, and last week’s champ Ralph Macchio brought in a 21 (45).

For more on Georgia sports, visit Dawg Sports. For more on the Steelers, visit Behind The Steel Curtain.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Results, Scores: Ralph Macchio, Kirstie Alley Top Hines Ward

Night one of Dancing With The Stars is in, with Georgia’s Hines Ward totally not embarrassing himself at all. He ended up tying with Disney’s Chelsea Kane for the third-highest score of the night behind Ralph Macchio of Karate Kid fame and Kirstie Alley of some other fame.

A list of DWTS scores, based on numbers held on cards by the show’s judges:

Ralph Macchio: 24
Kirstie Alley: 23
Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane: 21
Chris Jericho, Lil Romeo: 19
Kendra Wilkinson, Petra Nemcova: 18
Sugar Ray Leonard: 17
Wendy Williams: 14
Mike Catherwood: 13

I don’t think judges’ scores really matter all that much, since the whole thing is based around public voting anyway. Wendy Williams was indeed horrible, just kind of hoofing around the stage, while Sugar Ray Leonard looked terrified during rehearsals and the performance. I still don’t know who Mike Catherwood is, and didn’t happen to catch a second of his dancing.

Swear I didn’t watch more than five minutes of this. Totally didn’t watch that much of it at all.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Results, Scores: Hines Ward Tops Wendy Williams, Ties Chelsea Kane

Hines Ward made his Dancing With The Stars debut by earning 21 out of 30 points for his cha-cha with partner Kym Johnson. Judges called the former Georgia Bulldogs WR’s performance “clean,” “crisp,” and “sparkly” while complimenting his buttocks.

Franco Harris was spotted waving a Terrible Towel in the crowd, and Ndamukong Suh was shown laughing after that comment about Ward’s ass.

During his intro video Ward broke out the John Wall and the running man while wearing a neon pink bowtie. The training scene featured him accidentally spearing Johnson into the floor after being talked out of another round of running man.

Before Ward came on, super perky Chelsea Kane, apparently some sort of Disney actress, was all right and merited a 21. Next, New York City radio ranter Wendy Williams just kind of walked around buxomly, earning a 14. The TV is telling me the lowest scores will be up for elimination during next Tuesday’s results show, and I’ll be amazed if anybody can lose to Williams.

Well, not really amazed, but whatever. I’m gonna stop paying attention to this now.


Dancing With The Stars 2011 Odds: Kendra Wilkinson, Ralph Macchio Favored Against Hines Ward

But of course Bodog has odds on the 2011 edition of Dancing With The Stars, which features Georgia Bulldogs hero Hines Ward. Ward’s odds are right near the top, but I think they’re kind of skewed by Bodog’s traditional customer base.

Someone who is used to using Bodog to bet on football will see Ward’s name and lay down a few bucks, having seen him tromp somewhat gracefully around NFL fields for years. This person also grew up watching Ralph Macchio and has his or her own reasons for knowing who Kendra Wilkinson is.

Kendra Wilkinson: 7/2
Hines Ward, Ralph Macchio: 11/2
Chelsea Kane, Sugar Ray Leonard: 6/1
Mike Catherwood: 15/2
Lil Romeo: 8/1
Chris Jericho, Kirstie Alley: 10/1
Wendy Williams: 12/1
Petra Nemcova: 18/1

Far be it from me to gamble on a show I’ve never even watched, but those are some mighty enticing odds on Chris Jericho. You’re telling me a man who has literally participated in mostly choreographed athletic performances with a partner and in front of viewers for decades can only barely out-dance Wendy Williams?


Dancing With The Stars 2011 (With Hines Ward) Debut Scheduled For Tonight

Hines Ward will make his Dancing With The Stars debut tonight at 8 pm ET on ABC and at some point at abc.com. He’s up against a stiff (I guess?) stable of competition. Sugar Ray Leonard, Chris Jericho, Lil Romeo, Wendy Williams, Ralph Macchio, Kendra Wilkinson, Kirstie Alley, Petra Nemcova, Chelsea Kane, and Mike Catherwood are your other 2011 cast members.

I’ve attempted to rank those people in order of how famous they are to me. The last two I have never heard of, with the tie-breaker for those two being the fact that Mike Catherwood doesn’t even sound like the name of a person who could possibly be famous, so feel free to rearrange them in the comment section as you see fit.

Ward has kept his dancing skills mostly under wraps during his NFL career, but the irrepressible swag that builds up in a young man after living in Pennsylvania for more than a decade just can’t help but break loose every now and then.


Hines Ward Joins Dancing With The Stars Cast, According To Reports

Georgia Bulldogs legend Hines Ward will compete in the upcoming season of Dancing With The Starsaccording to reports. Boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard, Chelsea Kane, Master P's kid Romeo, wise karate master Ralph Macchio, Petra Nemcova, Kirstie Alley, Kendra Wilkinson, former Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, Mike Catherwood, and Wendy Williams are the other cast members who've been revealed, and I actually know who at least five of those people are!

It'll be hard to root against No Limit, but you'd be lying if you said you won't tune in at least for a moment to see what Ward can do in some ballroom slippers and sequins. Will the receiver voted the NFL's most dirty be able to keep it clean on the dance floor? < -- Now that's a hilarious dancing joke!

Other football players who've competed on this show or other ones like it, because I have no idea how many of these things there are, include Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, and Kurt Warner.

Visit Dawg Sports and Behind The Steel Curtain for more on Hines Ward but probably not more on Dancing With The Stars.

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