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NCAA Football 12 Really, Really Likes Alabama

NCAA Football 12 released on July 12, featuring Mark Ingram as Alabama's second-ever series cover athlete. Two-time computer video Nintendobox national champions, ROLL TAHDE!

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NCAA 12 Team Ratings Make Georgia The SEC's Second Class

NCAA Football 12 basically has two team ratings: one decides how players play in online games and the first seasons of dynasties, and the other decides how teams perform in future dynasty years. A good overall rating can't be sustained without a good prestige rating, which affects the level of coach and recruit a team can draw over time.

As expected, the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators and LSU Tigers all have maxed-out six-star prestige ratings, along with defending national champ Auburn. The Georgia Bulldogs are just a step behind despite finishing 6-7 last year, meaning they're a big season or two away from joining the upper tier -- while another collapse away from slipping to join Tennessee.

There are a couple other conferences that look a little off, but I think they got the current SEC pecking order right, though I could see Arkansas being rated anywhere from three to five stars.

Here's a complete list of team ratings and rankings, and here's how the SEC stacks up:


Overall Offense Defense Special teams Prestige


Alabama A+ A A+ B- 6


Arkansas A- A B+ B 4


Auburn B+ A- B+ B- 6


Florida B+ B+ B+ B 6


Georgia B+ A- B A+ 5


Kentucky B B B B+ 3


LSU A B+ A- B- 6


Mississippi State B+ B+ B+ B- 3


Ole Miss B+ B+ B B 3


South Carolina A A B+ B- 4


Tennessee B+ B B B+ 4


Vanderbilt B- B- C+ C+ 2

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NCAA 12 Player Ratings Make Alabama The Entire SEC's Equal

NCAA Football 12 is finally upon us, and unless if you're a big a nerd as some of us this is the first time you're looking at team and player ratings. Thus, you're probably about to start complaining about dozens of things.

The most common grievance levied about last year's ratings was the nearly perfect set of numbers given the Alabama Crimson Tide. The team was stacked on both sides of the ball, Mark Ingram was the ultimate weapon and three or four years into a dynasty Bama was the only team able to remain in the upper-90s. In our dynasty, nobody was allowed to play as Alabama; they actually functioned as more of an end-level boss than a competing football team.

This year's edition isn't quite as bad, but Alabama's still an all-star team. Pretty much literally. If you put together an All-SEC roster minus Tide players and took it against Alabama, you wouldn't really have an advantage on either side of the ball. Here are the ratings given Bama's starters, compared to the top SEC player at each position (plus backup QBs, to illustrate Alabama's depth):


SEC Alabama


QB Aaron Murray (92), Chris Reif (88) A.J. McCarron (86), Phillip Sims (86)


HB Marcus Lattimore (95), Michael Dyer (93) Trent Richardson (95), Eddie Lacy (87)


WR Alshon Jeffery (96), Joe Adams (92) Marquis Maze (91), Darius Hanks (88)


TE Philip Lutzenkirchen (92) Michael Williams (81)


OL Trinton Sturdivant 90, Jon Halapio (90), T-Bob Hebert (92), Robert Blackmon 64 (89), Addison Lawrence (91) Tyler Love (85), Chance Warmack (88), William Vlachos (92), Barrett Jones (91), Alfred McCullough (88)


DL Kendrick Adams (86), Fletcher Cox (87), Jaye Howard (92) Darrington Sentimore (85), Josh Chapman (91), Damion Square (88)


LB Danny Trevathan (91), Jerry Franklin (92), Jelani Jenkins (91), Ryan Baker (89) Nico Johnson (91), Dont'a Hightower (96), C.J. Mosley (88), Courtney Upshaw (93),


CB Janoris Jenkins (92), Morris Claiborne (90) Dre Kirkpatrick (92), DeMarcus Milliner (86)


S Charles Mitchell (91), Janzen Jackson (91) Robert Lester (93), Mark Barron (93)

In Trent Richardson and Dont'a Hightower, Alabama has two of the conference's four best players, plus most of its best defensive starters. Neither of those are outrageous, but making Alabama that great across the board is kind of hilarious.

The SEC side's average offensive starter is rated 92. Alabama's is an 88.3. On defense, however, the SEC team rates a 90.1 per player, just short of Alabama's 90.5. Thus, the average Alabama starter is rated fewer than two points worse than his All-SEC counterpart, and without TE Michael Williams' 81 dragging down the whole operation would be about one point shy. 

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NCAA 12 Player Ratings: Wreckbone Offense Likely Harder Than Ever This Year

NCAA Football 12 is coming out soon. You care about player ratings, whether you want to or not. Head to Tradition Sports Online for complete Big Ten and Pac-12 rosters, in addition to the SEC and ACC roster videos here. 

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are expected to follow a disappointing season with another struggly affair, and EA Sports seems to agree with that assessment. The team's highest-rated player is Orwin Smith, who produced 711 yards from scrimmage in 2010. Likely starting QB Tevin Washington is rated a 81, well behind conference leader Russell Wilson -- a 92 who'll need to be moved to Wisconsin. And other than featuring 87-rated LB Julian Burnett, Tech's defense is going to be a pain to play with.

Whoever made the ACC video skipped both the Florida St. Seminoles and North Carolina Tar Heels, perhaps the conference's two most interesting teams. FSU will actually be a national contender, while UNC's roster will likely include the conference's top player, DE Quinton Coples.

(SIDE NOTE: One thing I really like about these ratings is I haven't been able to find any players other than Andrew Luck, LaMichael James and Dont'a Hightower rated in the upper-90s. Having a player rated 97 or better should be a very, very rare treat.)


ht Kegs N Eggs

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NCAA 12 Player Ratings: Aaron Murray Top SEC QB, Washaun Ealey Memorial Established

Tradition Sports Online has leaked videos of NCAA Football 12's player ratings for SEC, ACC, Pac-12 and Big Ten teams -- complete rosters, too. At first glance the Georgia Bulldogs look to be a fun team to run the ball with -- until you realize two of their top four players will be removed from the game once forum types are finished updating the rosters.

Washaun Ealey, who transferred out, and Trinton Sturdivant, who suffered another horrible injury, are UGA's best non-specialists besides Aaron Murray. Drew Butler is, of course, Georgia's highest-rated player, while Murray is the SEC's best quarterback by four points -- Chris Reif of the Mississippi St. Bulldogs and Stephen Garcia of the South Carolina Gamecocks each earn an 88. The secondary should be solid, with both Bacarri Rambo and Brandon Boykin rated highly, but the rest of the defense has as many questions as its real-world counterpart.

Isaiah Crowell shows up as an 81. With Ealey out he'll be one of the team's fastest and strongest backs, though he's held back by his freshman-level awareness. (Pro tip: awareness doesn't really matter for quarterbacks and halfbacks, since you control them anyway. This is why you should always school your friends by drafting Pat White as your starter in the 36th round of your Madden fantasy draft.)

Here's a video of the complete SEC rosters, followed by a shot of the Dawgs top players, none of whom actually correlate to actual, current student-athletes, wink wink:


ht Kegs N Eggs

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NCAA Football 12 Demo Features Alabama-FSU, Oregon-Texas

The NCAA Football 12 demo is scheduled to release on June 28 (we're so close!), featuring only one SEC team among its two matchups. According to Pasta Padre, the two games to choose from will be the Alabama Crimson Tide at the Florida St. Seminoles and the Texas Longhorns at the Oregon Ducks.

Bama and FSU return as much talent as any upper-tier teams in the nation, making them both likely preseason top-five picks. Each is favored to win its respective conference -- it's not out of the question to think of this as a potential national title preview.

The other game, however, is not likely to preview much of anything, considering Texas' miserable 2010. Hopefully it will have many colorful fashion options to use when playing as Oregon.

Other than Bama, all three teams mentioned feature vehicle and/or animal mascots, which seem to be one of the big selling points of this year's game.

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NCAA Football 12 Videos Show Complete UGA, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida Entrances

With NCAA Football 12's release just weeks away (squeeeeeeee!) EA Sports has released a series of quick videos showing the entrances of a handful of prominent teams. Here are a bunch of them piled up in one long video, while a handful of SEC teams are below.

The Georgia Bulldogs entrance includes Uga and a glimpse of the Redcoat band. It also shows Uga snipping at the ankles of a UGA player, but I think that will end up being an opposing player in the game itself:

The Tennessee Volunteers entrance includes Smokey, my personal favorite fight song and the tapping of various signs:

Here's the Auburn Tigers', which includes a flight by one of their more aerial mascots:

The Florida Gators entrance is pretty cool, as it includes part of the Jaws theme traditionally played at Ben Hill Griffin before games:

For more UGA football, join Dawg Sports. college football, visit SB Nation's NCAA Football hub.


NCAA Football 12 Video Shows Mike The Tiger Menacing Auburn Football Player

Wednesday's NCAA Football 12 video introduced new presentation elements like vehicle and animal mascots for the Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and a handful of other SEC and ACC teams. Thursday's video features Kirk Herbstreit talking about various graphical improvements and shows some marching bands (you can catch a glimpse of Georgia's towards the end, behind the barking Uga) and stuff, but also marks the debut of virtual Mike the Tiger, the LSU Tigers mascot:

In case you can't view the video, here's a screenshot of Mike startling an Auburn Tigers player, who had apparently not been prepared by his coaches for WALKING PAST A LIVE TIGER:


The previous mascot video also featured Uga snapping at an Auburn player, so I guess AU is the designated test subject for all newly introduced mascots.

For more on Mike The Tiger's powers of intimidation and all other LSU sports topics, join And The Valley Shook, SB Nation's LSU community.


VIDEO, PHOTOS: NCAA Football 12 Includes Uga, Ramblin' Wreck

EA Sports released a NCAA Football 12 trailer Monday night delivering on the expectation set up by that FSU teaser: team entrances will include animal and vehicle mascots this year, meaning the Georgia Bulldogs get a snappy little Uga and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets get to follow the Ramblin' Wreck onto the field. There's also a Bevo, Ralphie, USC sword bro (actually, every other scene shows USC something or other), and PUDDLES ON A MOTORBIKE in this video:

Here's either Uga or Russ yapping at an Auburn player in the end zone, like that one time he yapped at an Auburn player in the end zone. No telling on whether this will happen naturally or if it'll be some sort of minigame, because that sounds more fun than the game itself:


And here's the Wreck, stocked appropriately with Buzz, cheerleaders, and cross-state rival obsession:


Here are a few others for Florida and Tennessee (no sign of Smokey yet!):




PHOTO: Mark Ingram's NCAA Football 12 Cover, Complete With Mark Ingram

Alabama Crimson Tide RB Mark Ingram went on ESPN's First Take to unveil the PS3 cover of NCAA Football 12, featuring the 2009 Heisman Trophy winner himself. Ingram was announced as the winner of EA Sports' cover vote, beating Auburn Tigers DT Nick Fairley, Oklahoma Sooners RB DeMarco Murray, and Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker.

Picture via @ESPNRachel:


In true stick-it-to-Auburn fashion, Ingram is shown giving a Heisman stiff arm on the cover. Gotta smart a little that the year after Cam Newton wins the trophy a Bama player gets the cover nod, right? You can also make out the Atlanta Braves Alabama pretty much Atlanta Braves logo on his glove, an item that would've drawn him a penalty if he'd displayed it to the crowd after scoring a touchdown according to new NCAA rules.


For more Tide, visit Roll Bama Roll. For more college football, visit SB Nation's NCAA Football hub.


Mark Ingram Wins NCAA Football 12 Cover Vote Over Nick Fairley, Others

As expected, Alabama Crimson Tide RB Mark Ingram will be announced Tuesday as the winner of NCAA Football 12 cover honors. The 2009 Heisman Trophy winner beat out Auburn Tigers DT Nick Fairley, Oklahoma Sooners RB DeMarco Murray, and Washington Huskies QB Jake Locker in a public vote. The game is set to release July 12.

EA had to make the tough choice early on to not include 2010 Heisman winner Auburn QB Cam Newton in the poll, but the ongoing NCAA investigation into his recruitment made that an obvious no-go. Florida Gators QB Tim Tebow, who won the 2007 Heisman, graced last year's cover in a screamy pose that made my one-year-old daughter say, "He's crying!" every time I played. Nobody told her to say that.

Ingram is the second Bama back to make the cover after Shaun Alexander's 2001 appearance. He's also only the fifth SEC player after Danny Wuerrful, Alexander, Darren McFadden, and Tebow. They usually go to USC or Big 12 players because STATS!

For more Tide, visit Roll Bama Roll. For more college football, visit SB Nation's NCAA Football hub.

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