COLUMBIA SC - NOVEMBER 06: Head coach Bobby Petrino of the Arkansas Razorbacks yells to his team during their game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Williams-Brice Stadium on November 6 2010 in Columbia South Carolina. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Bobby Petrino Fired For Latest Lie

Bobby Petrino has been relieved of his duties as the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks

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Former Arkansas Quarterback Ryan Mallet Lobbies For Garrick McGee To Replace Bobby Petrino

The Arkansas Razorbacks are in the unfortunate position of having to replace their successful head coach Bobby Petrino at a very inconvenient time. It is rare that a school needs to find a new head coach when spring practices are going on, but that is what the school has to do.

It is extremely early to speculate who Arkansas' athletic director Jeff Long will look for to replace Petrino, but former Arkansas and current New England Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallet offered up his own replacement. Mallet put his support behind former Arkansas offensive coordinator and current UAB Blazers head coach Garrick McGee to be the next head coach for Arkansas.

McGee is currently going through spring practice at UAB and was asked to comment on the situation:

"It is an unfortunate situation for everybody involved," McGee said. "In these types of situations, crisis like this, true leadership takes charge. I'm convinced that they have really good leadership within the university, from top down, all the way to the locker room with Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis and Cobi Hamilton and those guys. I trust the leadership of the university to make the right and proper decisions to keep the program on top, where they are now."

Some will take that as someone who is being vague and by not denying he has interest in the opening, so these same questions will likely continued to be asked about his interest in the Arkansas job.

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VIDEO: AD Jeff Long Says Bobby Petrino Deceived School

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long confirmed the firing of football head coach Bobby Petrino at a press conference Tuesday night.

Long said Petrino deceived the school both before and after his April 1 motorcycle crash, which included 25-year-old athletic department employee Jessica Dorrell. Long said Petrino gave Dorrell $20,000 and hired her over 158 other applicants for her position because of their previous relationship, which lasted " a significant amount of time." Asked about Dorrell's current job status, Long said it was a personnel matter and wouldn't talk about it.

Long said associate head coach Taver Johnson will be in charge of the football program until the end of spring football. Long will begin a search for a potential new head coach, but will assess the interim label for Johnson after spring football.

Long choked up a little bit when describing what he told the football team after making the decision to fire Petrino. Long said Petrino was fired with cause, so he will not get any buyout money.

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Arkansas Fires Bobby Petrino, According To Report

Not long after it was discovered Arkansas football head coach Bobby Petrino had lied about a motorcycle accident, he is expected to be fired, according to ESPN's Joe Schad. A press conference is scheduled for 8:15 p.m. ET.

Petrino crashed his motorcycle on April 1 and was hospitalized. It later came out that 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was on the motorcycle with him. Dorrell had been hired into the Arkansas athletic department a week prior. Once the new information surfaced, Petrino admitted to an inappropriate relationship and was put on paid administrative leave.

Petrino reportedly was offered penalties by the school, but refused to accept them, according to Clay Henry of's Arkansas site. With no other choice, Arkansas fired Petrino. Assistant coach Taver Johnson has been the head of the football program while Petrino has been on leave.

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Bobby Petrino's Police Report Tells Us A Lot About His Character

Long before the brouhaha surrounding last week's Bobby Petrino revelations, it was clear that the Arkansas Razorbacks head coach was a liar. Or, at the very least, untrustworthy. He's infamous in Georgia for the unprofessional and somewhat unbelievable way he departed from the Atlanta Falcons. His reputation is only going to get worse from here. Now that the Arkansas Chief of Police has released his statement surrounding the motorcycle crash that got Petrino into all of this hot water, the details of the report reveal a lot about the coach's nature.

Related: Is Bobby Petrino Worth It?

SB Nation's own Bomani Jones has an insightful look at the Arkansas State Police report of Petrino's motorcycle crash and the nearly-pathological length to which Petrino will go to protects his own interests.

It's not just that Bobby Petrino is a liar. It's that he lies until, literally, there's nothing else to do but tell the truth. When being deceitful, he tells the truth only when there is no other option. And even with a broken neck and ribs, through pain most couldn't imagine, he managed to coordinate a scheme to protect his lies that was, quite honestly, brilliant. If his offense was as focused as his bullshit, he'd be the John Wooden of football.

The entire article is well worth a read-through, so click through and check it out.

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Bobby Petrino Draws Support From Fans, 200 Show Up To Rally

Contrary to what might be said and heard in the media and among football circles, Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Bobby Petrino, who was suspended by the program last Thursday after lying about the details of his recent motorcycle accident which involved an employee of the athletic department who he was having an inappropriate relationship with, does have his own crew of loyal supporters.

That much has to be true, even before 200 fans rallied in support of the troubled coach, because Petrino would not have been able to go as long as he did with lie without his group of insiders, as the police report detailed very clearly. Everyone has to have priorities, and these Razorback fans have theirs.

This from the SB Nation college football hub page:

Rally organizer Matt Couch was happy with the turnout for the rally, which he conceded would not have occurred had the Razorbacks not finished 11-2 and ranked in the Top 5 in 2011.

"We're not condoning what he did morally," Couch said. "We are disappointed in him, but he's still our football coach and no one's perfect.

"I wouldn't ask him for marriage counseling, but at the same time we're supportive of him and we want him to do well."

Read more about the Bobby Petrino scandal at our story stream here.


Report From Arkansas State Policeman Regarding Bobby Petrino Accident Released

The document containing the police report filed by Capt. Lance King of the Arkansas State Police following the Bobby Petrino motorcycle crash on April 1 has been released.

The report lists many relevant details to the crash, which include King's statement that there was no indication that Petrino was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

King also admitted that he had had no previous interactions with Jessica Dorrell - the woman that Petrino had as his passenger and also was engaged in an "inappropriate" relationship with.

As for the cause of the crash? King states that Petrino informed him that a gust of win forced the vehicle off of the road.

This document is sure to bring much new discussion to an already newsworthy incident.

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Lawyer Malloy Says Bobby Petrino Is Experiencing Karma

At this point it seems as if no one is running to the defense of Bobby Petrino, rather piling on and on and on. This morning it was Jay Feely of the Arizona Cardinals sounding off on how Petrino is a known liar and untrustworthy. Now it's former Atlanta Falcons safety Lawyer Malloy saying that it's karma what Petrino is experiencing after his motorcycle accident and subsequent cover up of the details.

Malloy and Petrino were both with the Falcons in 2007. That was the year Michael Vick was struggling with his dogfighting charges, which led to the implosion of the team. Petrino left the Falcons for the Arkansas Razorbacks, not too long after telling owner Arthur Blank he wouldn't.

Read more about the Bobby Petrino story at our stream here. For more on NCAA football, visit the SB Nation hub page.


Bobby Petrino Was Expected To Be Committed To Discipline And Accountability, AD Says

It's become painfully obvious for the Arkansas Razorbacks athletic department that they have been duped in the hiring of Bobby Petrino. Not just because Petrino was caught in a lie about the details of his motorcycle accident several days days ago, but because Arkansas actually expected him to be disciplined and accountable.

Can you imagine that?

Petrino has been put on paid leave by the University of Arkansas, which is expected to be a dangerous group in the 2012 season. Will he back to coach the team, or this offense too egregious to forgive?

Read more about Bobby Petrino at the SB Nation NCAA football hub page.

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Bobby Petrino Suspension: The Key Information Thus Far

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino is now on paid leave at the University of Arkansas, following Thursday's discovery that his motorcycle crash last weekend outside Fayetteville included another person travelling with Petrino, 25-year old Jessica Dorrell, a university employee recently hired by Petrino.

Check out the known timeline of events in this story over at SB Nation, which outlines Petrino's comments on Dorell's hiring March 28, just roughly a week before the incident.

While this story continues to develop, there are three events driving the narrative at the moment:

  1. Petrino hired Dorrell as a "student-athlete development coordinator" for the Razorback football team, with the announcement being made March 28
  2. Following the motorcycle accident on April 1, an official university release specifically stated: "Coach Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident on Sunday evening that involved no other individuals." Whether or not the university knew about Dorrell at the time is unclear
  3. Arkansas AD Jeff Long holds a press conference April 5 to announce Petrino is placed on administrative leave, and, in a statement, Petrino admits that he had covered up the existence of a relationship with Dorrell.

The issue at hand will be Petrino's truthfulness with Arkansas, and the extent of his relationships with a woman he also hired to work under his supervision.

For more on the Bobby Petrino suspension, visit SB Nation's college football news hub.

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