BOISE ID - NOVEMBER 19: Winston Venable #17 leads the Boise State Broncos onto the field before their game against the Fresno State Bulldogs at Bronco Stadium on in Boise Idaho. (Photo by Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images)

Bowl Predictions: Georgia Tech Vs. Boise State, UGA Vs. Clemson?

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Clemson To Meineke Car Care Bowl, Ending Tigers-Dawgs Bowl Hopes

Well, that was fun while it lasted. With the Meineke Car Care Bowl grabbing the Clemson Tigers, the possibility of renewed hostilities between Clemson and the Georgia Bulldogs in the Music City Bowl have been snuffed out. The MCC’s other tie-in is with the Big East, a conference of which the Dawgs are not a member. #helpful

No teams have been finalized in any of UGA’s potential destinations. All signs still point to a meeting with Conference USA’s winner in the Liberty Bowl, though the Music City and BBVA Compass are still on the table. With the muffler thing, which gets fifth choice of ACC teams, taking the Tigers, the Maryland Terrapins or North Carolina Tar Heels would likely be next in line.

A UGA vs. UNC matchup could be plenty interesting, even though it would get momentarily derailed by their fanbases debating which school is older. Wooooo! And I have no thoughts on Georgia vs. Maryland even after like four weeks of bowl speculating.


Georgia Tech Bowl Game News: Air Force To Independence, East Carolina To Military

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is still the likely eventual 2010 showcase for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football, against either the Boise St. Broncos or Nevada Wolf Pack, both uniquely terrifying. But two potential bowl destinations have locked up possible opponents, with the Independence taking the Air Force Falcons and the Military grabbing the East Carolina Pirates, just so it can keep an eye on them. #they’repirates

The Independence is a very, very long shot, but the Military has eighth pick of ACC teams and thus isn’t entirely out of the question. The bowl is based in Washington, DC, making it closer to the Boston College Eagles fanbase than any other ACC bowl is and slightly closer to Boston than to Atlanta. It’s almost exactly in the middle of Boston and Carolina, for whatever that’s worth.

The Military might also be nervous about pairing ECU and Tech after the Pirates gave up 76 points to the Navy Midshipmen, who run an offense very similar to the Jackets’. Playing against ECU would be good for Tech, but the selection of ECU could be a bad sign for Tech’s chances of getting into the bowl in the first place. Yes, I’m freaking out about not making the Military Bowl. Bless my heart.


College Football Bowl Predictions: FSU Vs. Mississippi State In Chick-fil-A

Cowbells and tomahawk chops at the same time — God help us. The Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl, Atlanta’s pride and joy behind only the parts of The Walking Dead where the lake looks pretty, is pretty easy to predict at this point. First, the bowl gets the ACC’s No. 2 team, which will either be the Virginia Tech Hokies or Florida St. Seminoles.

Probably FSU — Tech is favored, had only one bad game all year, and had only one close call since mid-September. If a ball had bounced the other way against James Madison, this would be a damn-near top-five team. If another ball had also courteously excused itself against the Boise St. Broncos, the TCU Horned Frogs would be ranked No. 4 right now. So let’s say FSU to the Peach Bowl. Excuse me.

The SEC sends its fifth-most desirable team, which could be either the Mississippi St. Bulldogs or Florida Gators. Since nobody but Georgia Bulldogs fans wants to see a repeat of this, it’s safe to say the Gators will be passed along to the bowl that shares their name, the BBVA Compass Bowl.

That leaves us Missy State, giving us a matchup between two teams with stiff defenses and athletic, if inconsistent, offenses. It also gives us lots and lots of Chick-fil-A coupons, since nobody can walk into an arena in this town without walking out thinking, “Wow, I’m going to eat free for the next month!”


Bowl Predictions: UGA Vs. UCF, South Florida, Or SMU?

For the Georgia Bulldogs, a Music City Bowl matchup against their old-school rival Clemson Tigers is still on the table. It’s become less likely now that both schools have .500 records, but if the Music City knows what it’s doing and likes making money it’ll look beyond records here. Assuming it can. There’s probably some dumb ACC rule that prevents it, as with most things in life.

The Dawgs bowl picture is pretty straightforward. Well, relatively speaking. Otherwise unlikely to be picked before No. 8 from among SEC teams, the Dawgs could either wind up in the Liberty against the Conference USA champion, currently looking to be the Central Florida Knights or SMU Mustangs, or in the BBVA Compass in Birmingham on Jan. 8 against a middling Big East team, probably the South Florida Bulls.

Georgia’s star power (A.J. Green) and good traveling reputation could sway the Liberty, but Memphis’ closer proximity to both the Tennessee Volunteers and Kentucky Wildcats could make a difference.


Bowl Predictions: Georgia Tech Vs. Boise State, Nevada, Or ECU?

It's time for our second-to-last round of bowl predictions, and I have some bad news for Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fans. The ACC has eight bowl tie-ins and nine bowl eligible teams. The 7-5 Miami Hurricanes, 6-6 Tech, the 6-6 Clemson Tigers, and the 7-5 Boston College Eagles will be the least desirable teams to bowl selection committees. That means one of those teams will have to take another conference's bowl spot.

Wait, I haven't gotten to the bad news yet. Here's the sorta good news: The PAC-10 won't be able to fill all of its tie-ins, thanks to the USC Trojans being ineligible and the in-conference dominance of the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal. They only have three eligible teams as is, and are likely to gain only one more. They could get two if the Oregon St. Beavers upset Oregon, which probably isn't going to happen. So the ACC's odd team out can take one of the PAC-10's bowls, either the Dec. 22 Maaco Bowl in Las Vegas or the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Fran on Jan. 9.

Wait, still not the bad news. The Kraft thing, in addition to being just about the least prestigious bowl, also welcomes one of the WAC's two teams. The Boise St. Broncos and Nevada Wolf Pack are the top two WAC teams. While the flexbone vs. the pistol would be pretty fascinating, the average Tech fan wants exactly zero part of a pissed-off Boise team that has never really been pissed off before.

Miami's firing of Randy Shannon last night could be good news, though. Miami fans don't travel very well anyway, and its losing a coach popular among players could discourage a bowl thinking of taking the Canes. In that event, Tech could sneak into the Military Bowl against a Conference USA team, likely the East Carolina Pirates. What a difference a win last night would've made.

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