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May Mark Richt's Hot Seat Rest In Peace: The SEC Society Page, Week 11

Mark Richt's hot seat, the seat that even other hot seats referred to as "one of the greats," held on for three years before finally succumbing in Athens on Nov. 12.

SEC Society Page, Week 10: New Jobs For Miles, Nutt, And Any Tennessee Student Who Wants One

I think Les Miles IS the right man for this job, Pawwwwll, as long as the job is running Louisiana. Also: Steve Spurrier gets busted for fanciful yarn-spinnin' with the Fayetteville PD.

SEC Society Page, Week 9: Ole Miss-Kentucky Is No Place To Take Your Children

Movie-industry censors have slapped one of this weekend's games with an NC-17 rating. Are the Rebels and Wildcats headed straight to DVD?

SEC Society Page: Alabama Vs. LSU Has Bobby Petrino Wondering What The Point Is

Hey, it could be worse, Bobby -- you could be raising a three-headed baby, receiving hand-me-down T-shirts from Joker Phillips or wearing an ankle monitor for your entire trip to Florida. Here's this week's gossip from down South.

Will Muschamp, Todd Grantham And SEC Coaches Behaving Badly

The most lurid episode from your favorite daytime soap still had nothing on the head coaches of the SEC, who cursed, spat, and generally hissyfitted their way into infamy this past week.

Stephen Garcia Out At South Carolina: Columbia Rids Itself Of An Anarchist Icon

Stephen Garcia's exile from Gamecock Nation was the headliner, but that was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of quarterback misconduct this week.

SEC Society Page, Week 5: Will Muschamp, Medical Marvel

Is Florida's coach an evolutionary marvel or a man who's just intent on dying before he turns 50? If it's the latter, will Tyran Mathieu somehow be involved? We'll shed light on these and other questions in our weekly gossip roundup.

SEC Society Page, Week 4: A New Marriage Blossoms, But A Couple Reality Shows Are On The Rocks

A 13-spouse marriage, an outhouse struck by lightning, a wild police chase and a reality show that may have been having us on the entire time: just your typical week in the country's wildest conference.

SEC Football Society Page, Week 3: Family Issues At Ole Miss, And A Tragic Passing On The Plains

Auburn's nation-leading winning streak succumbs to a protracted battle with terrible defense. ("No, seriously, I think I can save him," counters Dr. Ted Roof.)

SEC Football Society Page, Week 2: Tennessee Finds New Flame, Kentucky Returns To An Old One

Budding relationships, bad breakups, births, deaths, and (of course) arrests: The week that was in the nation's most glamorous hot mess of a conference.

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