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Georgia State: The Highest Ranked Football Team In Georgia?!?

The COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE Real Time Sports NCAA Football Power Ratings currently rank the Georgia State Panthers Bulldogs as the 38th most powerful team in the country.  That puts them ahead of Georgia Tech (#40), the University of Georgia (#81), and Georgia Southern (#149).  It also puts them as the highest ranked FCS team on the list.  So what are the rankings based on?  Well, obviously B.S.  The only notation on the site is that only games against Division I opponents are counted, thus GSU is 4-1 instead of 5-2. 


So, what does this say about the state of football in Georgia this year?  Well absolutely nothing, except that Georgia State needs to do a better job of promoting its actual mascot.  The list does provide humorous satisfaction to Georgia State fans (all 15,000 of us... on a good day) to see the Panthers rated in football ahead of any Georgia school for the first time, no matter the legitimicy of the source.  Otherwise this is a completely useless list. 


In other news, the wonderful Real Time Sports site predicts losses for the Panthers, Yellow Jackets, and Bulldogs this week.  Based on the accuracy of the site's power ratings, I would put my money on this actually being a victorious weekend around the state. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.