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Kennesaw St. Football: Students Barely Approve Football Fee

Kennesaw St. Owls football is on course to kick off in 2014, after students voted to approve a $100-per-semester fee to pay for the program. But support clearly isn’t quite what it seemed to be at first — only 55 percent of students voted in favor, compared to the 77 percent who approved three years ago before money was discussed.

I’ve heard from quite a few current students who think $200 a year is too much to pay to start up a football program. My usual speech — that football success, especially in the southeast, will enhance the value of their degrees and create an alumni community that frankly does not exist at this point — gets trumped by the prospect of having to take on three extra shifts at the Barrett Parkway Chili’s per year, so. But I’m biased and insensitive.

Still, the fee was approved. Vince Dooley’s Owls are one step closer to playing the Georgia Bulldogs or Tennessee Volunteers on the gridiron, though probably not the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets after last night.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.