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Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Score Update: 7-0 Tide, Greg McElroy To Julio Jones

The Alabama Crimson Tide have begun their dark work against the Georgia St. Panthers, taking the opening drive for 67 yards on eight plays and posting the first-ever SEC touchdown on the Jungle Cats. Tonight’s diet appears composed of Mark Ingram Wildelephant keepers and screens to WR Julio Jones. The scoring play was indeed another short pass from QB Greg McElroy to Jones, who is very tall.

The Panthers woke up Tuscaloosa on their first offensive snap, with a receiver breaking into Bama territory before getting SEC speed’d. A series of penalties pushed GSU North back from whence they came, with QB Drew Little throwing a pick to a defensive back we've identified as Donta Hightower -- though we could be wrong and/or look it up but nobody around us has cellphone power to spare and I'm running perilously low myself -- put a stop to all that.

Our Panthers-heavy section is already sick of Bryant-Denny’s ROLL TIDE first down chant, but spirits remain high. Lots of DEE FENSE and YOU CAIN’T SEE ME and ATL SHAWTY from the Blue and White faithful.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.