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Georgia St. Panthers Vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Halftime Score: 42-7 Tide, Panthers Outscore Florida

The Georgia St. Panthers have earned their first SEC touchdown. An as-yet unidentified Panther, because we don’t have programs or smartphones or anything, ran back a kickoff up the right sideline. He then took a vict’ry lap around half of Tuscaloosa as his entire blocking unit trailed, its gravity collecting more celebrants.

The Tide have scored on like every possession save two missed field goal attempts, ran in a blocked punt, and returned a pick for a score. Our pregame wager on the turnover margin is getting heated: I thought the Cats could keep it to -4, but it’s -3 at halftime. But with seven points they've have scored one more point in this stadium than the Florida Gators managed a month ago, and with half (?) of these Panthers fans also being Georgia Bulldogs fans, everybody's happy.

Panther moods remain sky-high. These people will chant for absolutely anything, and Tide fans are getting all are-you-sure-Bear-done-it-that-way about a losing section having way too much fun.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.