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SEC College Football Schedule, Week 10: No. 6 Alabama Crimson Tide Vs. No. 10 LSU Tigers

Click here for the Alabama Crimson Tide football schedule. Click here for the LSU Tigers football schedule.

The most SEC football game of the season? Oh yes. The No. 6 Tide have the nation's second-best defense, run the ball very well, and have a top-ten-draft-pick talent at wide receiver who only has three touchdowns. The No. 10 Tigers have the nation's tenth-best defense and run the ball better than anyone has realized, but 90 percent of their receiving yardage comes from CB Patrick Peterson's interception returns.

This is your national game of the week since you refuse to believe the Utah Utes are ranked No. 5 even though you're a Bama fan, which is uncomfortable for us all.

Both squads are 7-1 overall, 4-1 in conference, and still in the running for Atlanta. If Bama wins, they'll still need to get past the No. 2 Auburn Tigers. If LSU wins, they'll still need Bama to get past Auburn since the War Newteagles Camsmen hold head-to-head.

Nick Saban! Les Miles! The two men who best embody the opposite ends of the insane, glorious spectrum that is SEC football! Let's get it!


TV time: 3:30 EST on CBS.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.