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GIF: LSU Blocker Headshots Ole Miss Special Teamer?

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Since NFL players can now get fined as much as $75,000 for helmet-to-helmet hits, it's probably a good thing college players aren't officially paid. Cecil Newton would need to send back about half his winnings just to keep Nick Fairley in business, am I right?

But shouldn't there be some sort of consistent deterrent against potentially concussion-inducing play? If student-athletes are compensated for playing football by receiving scholarships, the NCAA should start arranging for unsafe players to have to pay for a couple credit hours on their own. (I'm joking, but that's less silly than the idea that college players shouldn't be able to git money.)

Here's LSU Tigers safety Craig Loston obliterating Mississippi Rebels WR Lionel Breaux, via Mock Session via .com:

Very close to a head-on collision, and one that Loston likely could've avoided. Led with his crown either way, /oldguyrant. But until more big-name college players start missing games due to concussions, the NCAA isn't going to take helmet-to-helmet to shots quite as seriously as the NFL does. Maybe Tim Tebow playing with one against LSU a couple years ago impeded progress here?

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.