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College Football Rankings, Week 14 Predictions: Boise State Plummets, Arkansas Edges LSU, TCU Holds

After two weeks of nothing much happening atop the college football polls, Hate Week finally gave us some action. A little too much action. How far should Boise State fall after losing on the road to a very good No. 19 Nevada Wolf Pack team? How far should Nevada rise, anyway -- they have to be ranked ahead of Boise now, right? But that would be an insane leap for both teams, this late in the season.

Speaking of falling, LSU has to be ranked behind Arkansas now, don't they? That's not as huge of a flip, as Arky was No. 13 and LSU No. 5. Top-ten-or-so in one poll or another, the Alabama Crimson Tide and Oklahoma St. Cowboys clear out room for two newcomers after losing to rivals. Would say Oklahoma deserves one of those spots, but they were a spot behind Arkansas in last week's BCS, plus Arkansas beat a better team.

We'll find out what the humans think around noon, and what the BCS computers think later tonight. What follows is not my top ten, but my best guess at what today's top tens might look like:

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.