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Georgia Bulldogs Forward Trey Thompkins Out 2-5 Weeks With High Ankle Injury

Georgia Bulldogs forward Trey Thompkins, SEC preseason player of the year, will miss the team's exhibition game and Nov. 12 season opener against the Mississippi Valley St. Delta Devils, if not more. Thompkins sprained his right ankle during a team scrimmage on Oct. 30. Coach Mark Fox says Thompkins' recovery could take as long as five weeks.

As our own Tim Altork points out, the Dawgs aren't just a one-man show this year, so this is hardly the end of the world. Between Jeremy Price, Marcus Thornton, Donte Williams, and Chris Barnes, the front court should hold up well enough to keep Georgia's early season record in shape. Even in Fox's worst-case scenario, Thompkins would only miss six games, and only two would be against teams that made last year's NCAA Tournament -- the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

And even if he comes back rusty, the SEC schedule doesn't tip off until Jan. 8. This won't have anywhere near the impact on Georgia's hoops season that A.J. Green's suspension had on the football team's. See how hard I just jinxed Georgia basketball? I apologize.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.