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NL Gold Glove: Will Any Braves Win One?

As seen today with Derek Jeter winning the American League gold glove at the most important defensive position, the voters do not look too deep into advanced metrics when deciding the league's "best fielder." The voters, of course, are the managers of each team in that league. This probably helps the Braves' chances of having at least one Gold Glove winner.

Jason Heyward was the team's top defender throughout the season. He could reasonably win a Gold Glove, and it would be deserved. Heyward emerging onto the scene and playing stellar defense in right field for a majority of the season will certainly help his cause. There are definitely better defensive outfielders than Heyward, but I would expect him to do well in the voting.

Martin Prado was probably on pace to compete the award at second base until Chipper Jones' injury, which resulted in Prado moving over to third. Again, Prado was far from the best defensive player at his position, but his emergence with the bat would have likely made him a top contender for the award. 

The Braves were a pretty poor defensive team overall, with right field and shortstop really being the only plus positions. Yunel Escobar was one of the National League's top defenders while with the Braves, but he was traded for Alex Gonzalez mid-season. Goznalez was solid with the glove as well, but far from Gold Glove caliber. Having switched leagues pretty much eliminates him from contention regardless.

When the award is announced tomorrow, the only potential winner I see is Jason Heyward. I do not expect him to win, but there is certainly a chance.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.