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BCS Championship Game: Auburn Unveils Cleats Day Before Oregon's Uniform Reveal

The Oregon Ducks are set to show the world the uniforms they'll be wearing for the BCS National Championship Game tomorrow, but the Auburn Tigers have beaten them to the punch, revealing via @darrenrovell the cleats they'll be wearing for the game:


Thinking that one in the middle must be Cam Newton's, as it's got the most prominent Under Armour logo.

That's fancy marble patterning in there, if you can't see it. No doubt Oregon's first-ever national title game uniforms will be colossal spectacles that will cause every male over 40 to spend six minutes talking about Penn State and the Steelers -- after all, they dressed up like this for a game against lowly New Mexico -- but this is their moment, too. Let them be Oregon about it.

Previously in pregame Auburn uniform news, the infamous blue helmet rumor, back when this site still apologized for writing about non-Atlanta sports. Ha! Now we write about Brett Favre!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.