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NFL Week 15 TV Schedule: Falcons-Seahawks, Saints-Ravens, Eagles-Giants, Packers-Patriots

Your week 15 NFL schedule. All times ET.

Thursday Night Football

San Francisco 49ers at San Diego Chargers, 8:20, NFL Network: The Niners could lose this game, become 5-9, and still not be eliminated from the playoff race. Meanwhile the 5-8 Redskins have already been eliminated. Defenders of college football's postseason format really should bring up things like this more often. Call next week's Niners-Rams game the Arch Bowl Classic, hand out some sunglasses, and everybody goes home happy.


New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens, 1, Fox: A little breathing room in the NFC South would be outstanding. Sure would be nice if the Ravens offense would keep it rolling this weekend. If they can outgun the Texans in Houston, they can do the same to the Saints in Baltimore -- the Texans offense has actually scored exactly as many as the Saints offense has. Same number of touchdowns, same number of field goals. Thinking positive!

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants, 1, Fox: The Falcons need one of these teams to lose in order to clinch a playoff spot this week. What good does a week-15 clinchin' do? Not much, but it's a nice milestone. The Falcons also need to beat the Seahawks, whom I, for the record, am not looking past. Back to this game, Michael Vick Michael Vick, Michael Vick? Michael Vick; Michael Vick Michael Vick.

Monday Night Football

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings, 8:30, ESPN: Can they repair the Metrodome in timeWill they play at the University of MinnesotaHave we seen the last of the Gunslinger? Damn this Vikings team; swear they'd take up just as much of the sports fan's day even if they never played football.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.