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Orange You Glad Virginia Tech Is Wearing Orange Orange Bowl Helmets?

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The Key Play has BREAKING NEWS photos of what is purported to be the Virginia Tech Hokies special orange Orange Bowl helmets. They are indeed orange, and if they're not official then someone went to a whole lot of work for no good reason. BCS decal, ACC decal, Ol' Glory, and the whole kit. The Hokies usually wear maroon* helmets, in case you're wondering, and have occasionally sported white ones. No word yet on whether the Stanford Cardinal plan to wear red and very white or very red and white.


Gobbler Country, our tremendous Hokies community, hates them.


In other oh you fancy huh bowl news, Auburn is wearing blue and white shoes and Oregon, TCU, Florida, and Boise State have very slightly altered Nike uniforms, meaning the Hokies may wind up with the most drastic uniform changes of both the first and last week of the college football season.


* I'm sure there's a very specific color name that it is preferred one use when describing Hokie Red, and maroon is not it. Sincerest apologies.


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.