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World Cup To Atlanta Would Help Atlanta Falcons Get A New Stadium

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If the 2022 World Cup is awarded to the United States, and Atlanta is selected to be one of 12 host cities, Arthur Blank will be a very happy man. The city has plenty of places for World Cup teams to practice, but no regulation soccer field up to FIFA’s certifications and large enough for a World Cup audience. Unless if we want the world to pile into that glorious Wiz Khalifa structure out by Town Center Mall.

I’d thought the Georgia Dome would be suitable, but it’s apparently too narrow. It’s wide enough for Matt Ryan to hit Michael Jenkins on an out to beat the Chicago Bears, but Qatar doesn’t care about the Chicago Bears.

It’s no secret the Atlanta Falcons want a new stadium — and don’t want to just add a retractable roof to the Dome, which would cost about as much as a whole new facility anyway. If Blank and company can point out that a new stadium could house both the World Cup and Atlanta’s eventual MLS team, they might be able to talk the city into building yet another pro sports stadium.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.