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NFL Playoff Picture: Falcons, Bears, Eagles Fight For Home Field, Pats Clinch No. 1 AFC Seed

The NFC playoff picture cleared up a tad today, with the NFC West now coming down to a division championship game between the Rams and Seattle Seahawks next week. The Bears and Eagles have already locked up their divisions, though each has a divisional rival still in the running. The Giants and Bears are battling with the Saints and Buccaneers for the NFC's No. 6 spot.

The NFC South could be won on Monday Night Football, if the Atlanta Falcons can get it done against the New Orleans Saints. A loss would require the Falcons to beat the Carolina Panthers in week 17 to secure home field, and that's about the only way to get Carolina's name into a 2010 NFL playoffs post.

In the AFC, the Chiefs and Jets laced up spots while New England picked up home field advantage, with the AFC South remaining the primary battleground. Both the Colts and Jaguars have a chance to take the division.


  1. Atlanta Falcons, 12-2 *
  2. Chicago Bears, 11-4 **
  3. Philadelphia Eagles, 10-4 **
  4. St. Louis Rams, 7-8
  5. New Orleans Saints, 10-4
  6. Green Bay Packers, 9-6


  1. New England Patriots, 13-2 ****
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers, 11-4 *
  3. Kansas City Chiefs, 10-5 **
  4. Indianapolis Colts, 9-6
  5. Baltimore Ravens, 11-4 *
  6. New York Jets, 10-5 *
* Clinched playoffs
** Clinched division
***Clinched first-round bye
****Clinched home field advantage

Wild card round

  1. Packers at Eagles
  2. Saints at Rams
  3. Jets at Chieffs
  4. Ravens at Colts

Divisional round

  1. Lowest-seeded winner at Falcons
  2. Highest-seeded winner at Bears
  3. Lowest-seeded winner at Patriots
  4. Highest-seeded winner at Steelers

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.