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BCS Bowl Projections: Arkansas Needs Auburn To Win (You Know What To Do!)

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The Arkansas Razorbacks, coached by Bobby Petrino, appear to be in line for the Sugar Bowl. But if the South Carolina Gamecocks upset the Auburn Tigers today in the SEC Championship Game, Carolina will automatically take the SEC champion's place in the Sugar and some other BCS bowl will grab Auburn. Three SEC teams in the BCS isn't happening, so Arkansas moves along to the Cotton or Capital One. (If Auburn wins, they'll go to the BCS Championship, freeing the Sugar to take whoever it wants -- based on location, Arkansas is the obvious pick.)


Atlanta Falcons fans, this is where you come in. While your team is enjoying its best start since 1998, a bad day for Petrino is still a precious and worthwhile thing. Besides the fact that Steve Spurrier has built up as much Georgia Dome warrior mojo as anybody short of Matt Ryan, do you really want Bobby Petrino to succeed? Especially a Bobby Petrino-Nick Fairley allegiance, which is pretty much what we're looking at here?


If you don't have a furious chicken or confused flying jungle cat in this fight, rooting interests are a pretty easy call.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.