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Gus Malzahn Offered Vanderbilt Head Coaching Job, According To Report

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We knew Frank Broyles Award-winner Gus Malzahn was going to be a popular candidate for various head coaching jobs, but did we expect Vandy to make a move? According to a report at that's been sort of ... addressed in a way by The Tennesseean's Jeff Lockridge, Malzahn has been offered something like $3 million per year to take over the Vanderbilt Commodores football program.

According to VandySports, "Malzahn was in Nashville Wednesday night, formally interviewing for the position with the search committee," and this would be a larger contract than any Vandy coach has ever received.

College football fans like to assume Vandy will always hold down the SEC basement, but the school has the money to purchase a down-the-road SEC Championship if it really wants to. With a $2 billion endowment that's bigger than any two other SEC schools combined, the only question is whether it's willing to invest in its athletic department or not.

Making a legit offer to a legit SEC coaching prospect would be a sign Vandy suddenly cares about football. It's not like Nashville can't be a good college football town if the program suddenly takes itself seriously.

Malzahn turned Auburn's offense from one of the nation's worst into one of its best in only two years, though it's hard to say how much of that is due to Cam Newton. If Malzahn can put points on the board at Tulsa, as he did at a record-setting pace, he could do it at Vandy. If the school is actually all-in, of course. And Malzahn would want to be assured of that before signing.

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