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Braves Try To Take Series From Rays With Hudson On The Mound

Here is Talking Chop's preview of tonight's pitching matchup:

Thursday, 7:10 EST: Tim Hudson (6-2, 2.43 ERA, 4.42 xFIP) vs. James Shields (5-5, 4.55 ERA, 3.38 xFIP)

For as lucky as Tim Hudson has gotten this season, James Shields has been equally unlucky. Hudson currently has the second lowest LD% at 11.8%, the second lowest FB% at 22.8%, the highest GB% at 65.4%, and the third lowest BABIP at .235 in the Major Leagues. In contrast, Shields has the seventh highest LD% at 23.4% and the second highest BABIP at .358 in the Majors. Huddy has gotten the results, but Shields has thrown the ball better. Shields is on pace for a career high K/9 ratio and once his batted ball numbers come back down, it should lead to more success. Hopefully, the Braves can keep his numbers skewed for at least one more outing.

The Braves have a chance to win another series tonight. They have won or tied the last 11 series they have played, dating back to the second week of May.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.