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Send Kenshin To The Pen

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While the Braves won this latest Kenshin Kawakami start, the team is only 4-and-10 in his starts. While most of that is because of a lack of run support, much of it can also be credited to Kawakami’s inability to go deep into games, and of course his inability to miss bats. KK has not pitched seven full innings in any of his 14 starts. Compare that to Kris Medlen who has gone 7 or more innings in 2 of his 8 starts.


I hate to say let’s give up on someone, but I wonder if the Braves would just release Kawakami.


While he was 0-and-2 as a reliever at the end of last year, his ERA was more than a run less out of the pen as opposed to starting. With his inconsistency as a starter, perhaps shorter outings out of the pen where the team isn’t relying on him to go at least six innings would be a better role.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.