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Segment The Summer To Survive The College Football Offseason

Let's face it: the "dead period", college football's off-season, is too long and the wait is unbearable. Sometimes you need a little help to pass the time and cut up the days into manageable chunks. Here are some dates that will help the Georgia Tech fans survive the seemingly never-ending summer. If you aren't a Tech fan, simply switch in your school's name. The emotions are all the same.

1. Phil Steele's College Football Preview

It's already been released so you're behind the times! Buy it. Read it. Think about it.  Phil Steele is the go-to resource when it comes to numbers and statistics for any college football team.

Emotion you're feeling: Intrigued

2. July 13th: NCAA 11 debuts

The demo is already released and hopefully you're already tinkering around and checking it out. On July 13th the real thing hits shelves. By July 20th, we expect you to already be on Season 3 of your dynasty. 

Emotion you're feeling: Excitement. 

3. August 7: Georgia Tech Fan Day

For Georgia Tech, Fan Day is on August 7th. Fan Days are great ways to meet the players and coaches for your team. In addition you get to walk around on your stadium turf. It's also a great way to start the home stretch during the "Dead Period". Take a picture with Paul Johnson, Joshua Nesbitt, and Anthony Allen (or whoever your "Big 3" players are). It's time to see the end of the waiting game. Only one month until football begins....

Emotion you're feeling: Anticipation. You can taste the bourbon football!

4. August 27: The Kickoff Luncheon

Now it's time to look at the schedule (again) and think about who you'll be playing and how long you can go undefeated. The kickoff luncheon is the last pre-season event you can attend before the season begins. The band strikes up the fight song and you're singing loudly. ONE WEEK UNTIL FOOTBALL!

Emotion you're feeling:  Yearning. The need for college football has just about reached it's peak. It's almost a cruelty to create this event so close to the season start. 

5. September 4th: THE FIRST GAME

The first Saturday of football is underway. No matter who you start off with (GT plays South Carolina State to start off) it's a feeling of relief and utter excitement. Congratulate yourself that you made it through another off-season and you have 5 months of glorious-ness in front of you.

Emotion you're feeling: Relief and achievement. 

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.