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Welcome To SB Nation Atlanta

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There's an old saying, "it's no fun living in a one-horse town," and if by chance I just made that up, then there should be a saying like that because it applies perfectly to what Atlanta sports fans have dealt with for the past 18 years. Since the two big Atlanta papers merged we've had one voice and one opinion for all of our sports stories ... but not anymore.


SB Nation Atlanta may not report the news, but we certainly have opinions on the news, quite often opinions that help you understand the news better. We can cut through the newspaper headline fluff and give you the guts of the story better than anyone. While this has existed for years here at SB Nation on the local team blogs, we're bringing it all to one place with SB Nation Atlanta.


We'll take breaking news and major stories and put them into Story Streams that you can follow. Read the entire history of a story all in one place. We've brought together the best team of amateur sports bloggers in Atlanta, who will bring you funny and insightful feature articles to help you waste more time at your job situation. We're combining the great tech of SB Nation and the passion we have for our Atlanta sports teams to bring you a daily destination where you can read about all things related to Atlanta (and Georgia) sports.


There is also a blog component on the site, named after the wonderful fair weather fans of the city. FairWeather Report will bring a personal touch to the site with quick commentary and reaction on the latest Atlanta sports stories.


Have a look around, jump into a post and sign up for the site, comment on our work and let us know what you think ... and of course, bookmark us and check back every day for the latest and greatest. Until then, Go Braves, Go Falcons, Go Hawks, Go Thrashers, Go Jackets, and Gooooo Dawgs!

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.