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Fredi Gonzalez Fired By Marlins, Now Favorite To Manage Braves in 2011

It's been less than an hour since the Marlins dismissed their most recent manager, but already some prominent sports writers are pretty much declaring him the Braves next manager. Here is a roundup of the Tweet storm:

David O'Brien:

To reiterate my oft-expressed view, if Fredi Gonzalez is available, he immediately moves to top of the list of potential Cox replacements.

Zach Klein:

A possible replacement for Bobby Cox is now available. Florida Marlins fire manager Fredi Gonzalez.

Jon Heyman:

fredi gonzalez deserved award for standing up to hanley, not firing he got. owner's expectations too high there.


fredi is the heavy early favorite to replace legendary bobby cox. marlins favored to keep ridiculously low payroll.

John Perotto:

Fredi Gonzalez now has the path cleared to become the #Braves next manager after being fired by the #Marlins.

Mark Bowman:

Gonzalez now available to serve as Cox's successor. Will he join the Braves organization soon?

Certainly the writers have their choice to replace Bobby, but we'll have to wait until after the season to see what Frank Wren does. Bowman brings up an interesting point:

With Gonzalez currently available, there's reason to wonder if the Braves will attempt to immediately add him to their organization as an advisor or possibly even make room for him to join their current coaching staff. 

I don't know if that's the Braves' style. They may let Fredi know they're interested, but a major league job? I could see them adding him as a roving instructor, then bringing him up in September when the team is allowed to add an extra coach.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.