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Georgia Tech Extends AD Dan Radakovich Until 2015

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Mark Bradley of the AJC alerts us to a major signing from Georgia Tech's athletic department. And no, it's not a prized 5-star football recruit. Current Athletic Director Dan Radakovich has been signed to a five-year contract extension. Radakovich, who is best known as the man who took a gamble on football coach Paul Johnson, was originally hired in 2006.

Tech alumni and fans are generally overjoyed with the job that "D-Rad" has done, as witnessed by some of the quotes from Bradley's article, including this one:

Taz Anderson, the former Jacket football captain who’d campaigned hard for fellow alum Bill Curry as athletics director, said of D-Rad the AD: "We’ve got ourselves a star."

There is no word on the compensation in Radakovich's new contract, but if this past academic year is any indication, he will likely be worth it. In 2009-2010, Tech's sports teams won 72.7 percent of their games. Tech also had players drafted in the first round of the NBA, MLB and NFL drafts. And all of that was done on a very limited budget (by major-school athletic department standards). With just a fraction of, say, UGA's budget, Radakovich has Tech on track to be a multi-sport superpower for years to come.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.