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Mark Bradley Says The Braves Should Go After B.J. Upton

Mark Bradley of the AJC mentions the JPM rumor about the Braves being in the hunt for a right-handed bat, but instead of going after the likely available options of Corey Hart, Josh Willingham, or Jose Bautista, Bradley would have the Braves go after B.J. Upton. The Rays center fielder has been having some growing pains lately, and was called out by Even Longoria in a game the other night.

A few days ago I tweeted that the Braves should inquire on Matt Kemp, another player who is in the dog house on his current club. My thinking was that the Dodgers might let him go a bit easier if Joe Torry alum Melky Cabrera was sent their way.

I'd take either player, really. But we are both acting like vultures, swooping in on what we perceive as easy prey. Both of these guys, while talented, are head cases and have a reputation as being hard players to manage. This likely wouldn't be a problem for the venerable Bobby Cox, but whoever takes over for him next year would have to deal with a pretty tough personality. Both of these guys seem like pipe dreams, as the Braves rarely trade for bad personalities.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.