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Reports: Trading Marvin Williams For Shaq Looks Unlikely

It takes two to trade, and right now both the Hawks and Cavs are complaining about their dancing shoes being too tight, the DJ playing too many new songs, and having eaten so much beforehand that they now feel all bloated and sluggish. (That last part applies mainly to 2010 Shaq.)

Michael Cunningham reports that the Hawks think Shaq’s requests of $8 million per, plus a starting job, are about as crazy as selling a draft pick or trading a proven sixth-man for a second-round pick. Except they’re not going to do it. (ht Peachtree Hoops)

Meanwhile, Cavs beat man Brian Windhorst reports Cleveland isn’t really all that into a sign-and-trade for Marvin Williams unless it [Comic Sans joke]. (ht Hoopinion)

You’d hesitate to proclaim a weird roster move dead, particularly when Hawks management is present, but it looks like the big fella won’t be a Hawk this year.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.