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Yunel Escobar Trade: Reactions Roundup

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Talking Chop rounds the horn and finds a wide range of baseball writers who think the Braves made a good move, and one who thinks Frank Wren is a racist. What?

From a hometown perspective, Talking Chop highly approves of the deal:

Gonzalez may not be the flashiest name on the shortstop market, and he is six years older than Escobar, but the trade gives the Braves an upgrade at short and an upgrade in the lineup. The argument about this trade for years to come will be one of potential versus proven results. Escobar has shown great potential in the Majors up until this year, but the Braves impatience with him leads to them selling low. Gonzalez has been a proven Major League shortstop for years, and he is currently enjoying what should be a career year, so the Braves are certainly buying while the price is high.

Commenters remain divided, as commenters are known to do.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.