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Recreating The Atlanta Sports Scene In NCAA 11, Or 4,000 Things You Can Make Brad Nessler Say

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Brad Nessler recorded 2,400 fake team names for NCAA 10, ensuring that even the most obscure user-created school wouldn't have to hear itself called The Home Team. Right? Nope. After reviewing the impossible, pro wrestly, and hallucinatory names that players actually came up with, EA asked Nessler to record any name used by more than seven fake teams last year.

"Nessler's a very agreeable guy," said Adam Thompson, a Tiburon designer in charge of commentary. "I said, ‘Brad, I know you recorded 2,400 names last year, let's record 2,200 more.' He said, ‘Sure thing!'"

Not only can you finally lead the Corn Jerkers, Cell Phones, Curly Wolves, Claim Jumpers, Cursaders [sic], Confederates, or Chesty Lions to the BCS title game (and that's just a small sampling of the C's), you can makeover pretty much any team from any level of any sport in the entire state of Georgia or alternate reality nightmare Georgia.

The name Braves has always felt so unsuperlative, so luckily there's a Bravest. You have 30 variations of Dawg to choose from, not that you'll need any besides the incredible Qué Dawgz (¡What Dawgz!). Tech fans jealous of their rivals' phonetic mascot finally have a misspelling of their own (Yellow Jakets), and can even choose from four striking non-yellow color options. There's one Thrashers selection, but there's also a Threshers, plus a staggering 79 different Hawks names -- including three variations of V-Hawks. As far as I can tell, V-Hawks only exist IRL as the mascot of Viterbo University, which means at least 21 different Viterbo football enthusiasts remade their school on NCAA 10.

As for Georgia colleges that aren't in the game: of course there are all sorts of Panthers, Owls, Bears, Bobcats, and Eagles, all the way down to the totally stupid Runnin' Eagles. Morehouse's Maroon Tigers? No problem. Albany State's Golden Rams? Nailed it. Oglethorpe's freaking Stormy Petrels? Yawn. Fans of Agnes Scott football: Nessler has your Scotties covered. 

AH HA: North Georgia College and State University's Saint Bernards? Nope! The Dahlonega school's 4,700 undergrads will just have to wait for NCAA 12.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.