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All Is Quiet On The Georgia Tech Front

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Instead of worrying about how the Athletic Director and the football team conducts themselves, Georgia Tech can focus on the upcoming 2010 season.

The summer has been a busy one for those folks over in Athens. With DUIs coming in from both the athletics department and the football team and Georgia's most recent posible involvement in the college football "agent-gate", the Bulldogs have had their hands quite full. Meanwhile, it's fairly quiet over in Atlanta.

Besides one blip on the radar screen that is the Robert Hall incident, which is still in the process of figuring out what really happened, the news coming out of Georgia Tech has been that of the positive. In June, Tech Athletic Director Dan Radakovich signed a five-year extension and got himself a great piece written by Mark Bradley in which he is dubbed "a great star". Radakovich has quickly turned the athletic department into the business that it so desperately needed to be in and made the right hire in Paul Johnson that brought the fan base back to campus.

Bradley quotes:

Tech folks can be finicky. They like who they like, sometimes for reasons unclear to those of us on the periphery. (It was always a mystery how quickly and how deeply Tech people disdained both Braine and Gailey.) But when you’ve sold this crowd, you’ve done something. And you knew Dan Radakovich had swayed the masses when you began to hear Tech’s Old Guard suggest that he is, with all due respect to Bobby Dodd and Homer Rice, the finest AD the Institute has known.

The biggest news involving Paul Johnson this summer? Not a lot other than a great interview published by the ACC Sports Journal (Parts 1, 2, and 3). Instead of worrying about how to keep his players from trouble, he has been preparing for fall workouts and getting his team focused on the upcoming football season, ensuring that 2010 will be yet another year of "figuring out" his triple option system.

If you are a Georgia Tech fan, take pride (and relief) that the summer is slow. Enjoy it. Take pride that you have a team that focuses on the football rather than the discipline outside of football. Take pride in the fact that you have administrators and coaches who are "Do as we say and do as we do" type of people. And finally, always remember that when it comes to college football in the summer, no news is good news.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.