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Any Last Words? Damon Evans: 'Go Dawgs'

Via the AJC:

I would like to once again offer my sincerest apology to the University of Georgia people — the president and administration, athletic staff and coaches, fans and supporters, and especially the student-athletes. It had been my hope since taking the job in 2004 that I would have a long career at UGA.

But because of a serious mistake in judgment, that won’t be the case, and I understand that I have a long road to rebuilding my reputation and career.

I do want to thank all those who have supported me and the Athletic Association over the past six years and would encourage all those in our Association to remember that they are there for the student-athletes. Keep them first and foremost in everything you do. God bless and ‘Go Dawgs.’

Damon Evans
July 5, 2010

Curiously, Evans went with a serious mistake instead of my serious mistakes, but it’s time to close this chapter. Dawg Sports is daydreaming up a better tomorrow.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.